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The Top Tile Trends You’ll Want To Think Twice About

The Top Tile Trends You'll Want To Think Twice AboutTile is about as close as you can get to interior design crack, its mesmerizing, overwhelming, mind-blowing, extravagant, and useful all at the same time. However its also not cheap, so it is important to carefully think through any tile choice. Its easy to repaint a wall, but re-tiling a room is a big expense most people would like to avoid. Following what seems to be the hottest trend in tile could be a huge mistake or a winning choice. Here are the top tile trends you’ll want to think twice about.

Blue and white Mosaic tile floorPhoto: Sicis

Mosaic tile is a trend to embrace. Glass, stone or a mix of both, the options are endless and the impact is timeless. The designs seem to get increasingly beautiful year after year. Mosaic is not new, its been around for thousands of years. Mosaics are classic.

New Ravenna Mosaic Tile Bathroom

Luc, a hand-cut jewel glass mosaic shown in Lavastone and Mirror, is part of the Aurora™ Collection by Sara Baldwin for New Ravenna.

Mosaic tile backsplashPhoto: Alyse Edwards

Go ahead and go for those beautiful jewel toned glass tiles, they’ve got staying power. The only caution we’d give are for highly unique murals and oddball colors. Wait, there is one more to avoid, the whole broken tile thing in interiors is long over.

Mosaic tile kitchen wallPhoto: Artistic TileWhite marble tile and white mosaic tile

White tiles are timeless. Whether they are ceramic, marble or glass, white tiles are clean and classic. Tone on tone mosaics in white, large format white marble or marble look tiles make for a dynamic installation which always looks good.

wood look tilePhoto: Artistic Tile

Wood look tiles are everywhere, I mean everywhere. They’ve hit the tile trend so hot and fast, these are one of those items in danger of becoming a date stamp. In other words fifteen years from now… we’ll be saying those tiles are so 2010 – 2018. We’ll get to the whole large format tile thing in a moment, but as for the wood look, be very wary where you use them.

  • Never use next to real wood floors
  • Avoid strange locations like a play room
  • Small mudrooms are a good spot
  • Wood tile will not replace the warmth of a real wood floor

Tile trends in one bathroomLarge format tiles, especially rectilinear tiles are all the rage right now. Again don’t go overboard as they are everywhere.

Nemo Porcelain tilePhoto: Nemo Tile
  • Easier to clean
  • Quicker to install
  • Less grout lines
  • Clean contemporary look

While cool, be cautious. Time has proven certain installation designs are a bad idea. So bad the TCNA (Tile Council of North America) came out with a warning about large format rectified porcelain and warpage, the National Tile Contractors Association agreed.

Large format tile layout guideline

Large format tiles are those where one side is 15″ or greater, are not 100% flat and certain installation patterns, such as the typical brickwork pattern (on left above) with a 50/50 Bond offset can create a trip hazard. A better choice for this sort of pattern is the 70/30 Bond offset whereby “running bond patterns will have a maximum offset of 33% for tiles with one edge greater than 18.”

Photo: Pinterest

Mortar bed and grout requirements are also different with large format tiles.  If you choose a large format tile, use a qualified installer and pick a safe installation pattern.

Tile can be one of the most exciting design statements you can make in your home. It pays to give your tile selections careful thought. The top tile trends are worth a second look, some trends are classic winners others might be worth avoiding or rethinking installation choices.


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