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The Ultimate European Travel & Antiques Shopping Experience

Have you ever fantasized about travel in a European city, roaming in and out of antiques shops or markets shopping for the perfect antique piece to bring home?  Stop, the reality side of the brain clicks in firing off a multitude of questions you can’t answer about shipping, currency, pricing, negotiating, where and how.  Fantasy over?  Not necessarily.  The Antiques DivaEnter The Antiques Diva, who can make this dream a reality.   The Antiques Diva will guide you through a number of European cities, handle all those unanswered questions in style and make European antiques shopping a dream come true.

Combine travel with an exceptional knowledge of European antiques and the ability to uncover the unfound quality antique in European cities at a fair price you will get The Antiques Diva.  Europe’s premier antiques touring company offers customized, private one-on-one antiques buying tours in 11 countries to both private individuals (tourists) and to the trade (antique dealers and interior designers).  

Don’t you love the inside track?  We do. 

Private access antique shopping in MilanCome on in, during our recent trip to Italy, The Antiques Diva provided BlogTour Milan participants with a mini tour of what a client could expect on a Diva tour.

Imagine providing a list of your antique desires then embarking on a care-free journey where someone sprinkled your coveted objects all out in front of you to happily discover, oh what fun.  Just for you the treasure hunt in rigged, in your favor. Art Decor antique chairsHigh quality furniture and accessories many with an interesting provenance, maybe Ruhlman?antique Murano Glass lightingExceptional Murano glass lighting. Antique curiositiesAntique curiosities. collectablesVintage collectables. vintage Alfa Romeo signAutomotive collectables. vintage designer handbagsAuthentic vintage designer goods, mmmm Hermes handbagsVintage coutureEven vintage fashion can be on the list for a personalized Antiques Diva shopping tour.

Insider access to European antiques shopping is the way to go.  To enjoy your own private treasure hunt is beyond exciting.

Prior to a tour The Antiques Diva hunts and sources specific pieces from their trusted resources and locations based on a client’s interests in order to tailor the trip for success.  They realize their clients are in Europe on vacation not as business and strive to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.The Antiques DivaThe Antiques Diva can provide access where others may not and remove the worry from shopping in a foreign location.  They assist with shipping arrangements, complicated customs paperwork and whatever necessary to make certain their client’s receive their purchases safely and in cost effective manner.  This makes for the ultimate European antiques travel and shopping experience. Cheers.


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  1. what a great resource to have- I have heard so many nice things about her, but have not met her. Yet. 🙂

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