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The Workhorse of Floor Lamps Works in Any Home

Recently someone asked about my favorite lighting, of which I have many but without question the light fixture which has been specified most frequently is the swing arm floor lamp from Hinson LightingTwo of my mentors, both with over 40 years each as interior designers, schooled me early on to the value of this floor lamp.   The one in the picture above is an older model from an installation in Florida, but here is the latest version: Photo via Hinson Lighting

Why are Hinson Lighting floor lamps so wonderful and a favorite of many interior designers?

  • Their size allows them to fit where other lamps wouldn’t.
  • Perfect light for reading or any other lap top task.
  • The streamlined design and finish options allows it to work with any design style from traditional to modern or contemporary.
  • The swing arm allows precise positioning.

Basically, they do their job without interfering with anything else in the room. They do not compete as eye-candy.

Finally, and without mincing words: they do not fall apart.  They don’t sag, wobble or wriggle out of kilter, which is a common issue for inexpensive swing arm lamps.  Hinson’s swing arm wall sconces are another designer favorite for the same reasons.  In ten years the lamp will still perform like new.

Buy it once, buy it right.

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2 Responses to The Workhorse of Floor Lamps Works in Any Home

  1. Sue in RI

    How does a consumer find Hinson products? They seem to be to-the-trade only, except for one showroom in LA, and I am on the East Coast…

  2. Designers have showrooms and/or reps we use throughout the country. I answered this privately on email, so I can get you some more information. 🙂

    To the trade = a good thing. Companies spend more $$ on creating great products than minting hundreds to have at retail showrooms around the country. In many cases, to the trade products are infinitely superior. Plus the middleman who has to pay for the costs of running a retail store is cut right out of the picture and out of the price you have to pay. Not all designers charge what would be retail pricing which is 2 or 2.5 times their cost (or more) – but retail stores do.

    Thanks for stopping by,

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