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The Zen Modern Outdoor Freestanding Pizza Oven

zen modern pizza ovenOn a recent trip to Napa Valley and Sonoma, California where all things food are gloriously abundant and easy outdoor living and entertaining is a staple of life, I happened across a very unique wood burning pizza oven which looks more like sculpture and does not break the bank.  This freestanding pizza oven from Bella Outdoor is clean, simple and not the least bit fussy. The smooth domed design is modern and efficient, perfect for those who wish to go unto their zen zone while cooking. If one could call an oven cute and quiet, this would be the one.  Bella Outdoor Pizza OvenNormally wood burning pizza ovens cost thousands of dollars, can be laborious to use or require some sort of extensive outdoor construction project to house it.  The Bella Outdoor Pizza Oven is the zen modern oven for easy outdoor living and cooking.

It is almost portable, at least in the sense one can easily lift up on the handle and wheel it from one location to another. The smallest one ($1495) with a 22″ x 14″ firebrick cooking floor is perfect for those whom only cook for 2-4. Bella Outdoor Pizza OvenThe domed stainless steel construction with 100% ceramic insulation means one can go from cold to 800° within 15 minutes all while remaining cool to the touch on the exterior. The Bella oven cooking chamber is made from ultra-premium 14-gauge 304 stainless to handle continuous 800ºF baking.  Such efficient high heat means very little wood ash is left behind and delicious pizzas or other gourmet delights will cook in a few short minutes.

There is nothing like the taste of a cooking with wood fire on firebrick and with an oven so maneuverable and efficient, this might be your year for the wood fired pizza oven.  If you’d like to order or learn more about the Bella Outdoor Freestanding Pizza Ovens, the store I visited in Sonoma, Outdora has the complete collection, ships and their knowledgeable staff are friendly and helpful.


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