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Three Components Of A Great Nightstand

When decorating a bedroom the first question one must address is: what goes on in the bedroom?  Now get your head out of the gutter, I don’t mean that.  We are talking about activities which require furniture.  Last week we went over the importance of the bed and some cool bed choices.  Now lets address the nightstand or bedside table.Old bedroom furnitureBack in the 1940’s America’s decorator, Dorothy Draper poo-pooed the idea of matching sets of furniture.  (Aaak, choking.)  Remember those, the sets?  Mom had one, dad had the other.  Then we had the armoire craze.  Bedrooms used to be like sleeping amidst an arsenal of cabinetry, not so relaxing.old school dressing table via pinterestBedroom decor has evolved.  We also don’t primp and fuss in the bedroom with long dressing gowns… but back to nightstands.

Nightstands are there to serve.  Accessibility is key and like other things, size matters when it comes to nightstands or bedside tables. bedside tablesThe nightstand needs to be large enough to relate to the scale of the bed, which in this case is a queen.
Too often one sees these skimpy little things hardly large enough for a tissue.  (Pinterest is loaded them, just because something is in a picture doesn’t make it a good idea.)

They need to be tall enough for one to reach conveniently from the bed.  This really comes into play with those new pillow-top mattresses which make the overall sleeping or seated height taller than older beds.  Finally they need enough storage space to hold whatever one needs at the bedside.  Drawers, doors or shelves – it is up to you. Jeffers Design Group - Pacific HeightsHere is a great example of great nightstands from the Jeffers Design Group.  They don’t match, and they do not not have to.  They are large enough to hold what is needed and a comfortable height for sitting against that glorious upholstered headboard. nightstandsNightstands come in all shapes and sizes.  Rectangles seem to be the most efficient whether your needs call for a full blown chest or not so big cabinet.  Having a space to hide items away is the optimal choice for keeping clutter at bay.

The next time you are in the market for a nightstand just remember three things:great nightstandAnything else you wanna know about nightstands?   Just ask in the comment section. Lisa sig

Nightstand photos: Worlds Away, Bungalow 5, Redford House, West Elm, Oomph, and Julian Chichester.

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2 Responses to Three Components Of A Great Nightstand

  1. Kathy

    Great advice! Personally, I’m not in love with matching bedroom sets either, but I understand how important the storage space is for some. I like it when people who need to use them are willing to bust up the set in a creative way. As to night stands, you are so right. Height is everything, and this is a good place, from both a financial and design standpoint, to escape the “set.” The Julian Chichester, the Bungalow Five, the Worlds Away…I want them all!

    • Thank you Kathy. Ugh, as set of bedroom furniture is like wearing Garanimals – boring and lacking personality. Ha, “I like them all” – this is the benefit of putting them in a blog post, I don’t have to choose. 🙂