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Tile You’ll Want To Use

Look at all these colors!

I’ve always found tile fascinating.  Each time I visit a tile showroom the same scenario plays out: “I like that, I like that, I want this”, it never stops.  But we of course can’t have it all, hence the reason to be an interior designer; we virtually have it all.  The possibilities and benefits of tile are endless.  Today I’m going to introduce you to exciting designs from three tile manufacturers for your interior design projects.

Market Collection: crafted in Sonoma County they are committed to  a mission of “Greener Everyday”  in their production of gorgeous glass (above), clay and stone tiles.

Check out this mix of 1″x 2″ tiles, love the ones with the tiny details.  This is a great way to solve a tile fetish using many different ones together (also lowers cost) to achieve a unique look.

How about stone and metal look tiles to frame wonderful glass?

CR Studio 4: This California company produces hand-made ceramic, bronze and pewter tile.  To insure excellent quality and customization capabilities they even have their own foundry.  The offer neat insight on their blog

Look at this unusual cast metal mural for a backsplash focal point.  They are smart about it too, making metal tabs so the piece can easily be attached (and removed) from the wall without a major upheaval.

Tile installers hate it when we specify metal because it is a pain to cut.  CR Studio 4 has the perfect solution: they will lay-out and pre-cut (much better edges than an installer will make) the complete design and ship it ready-to-be-installed.  This is customer service.

Great idea: metal threshold transition from tile to wood.

Via CR Studio 4

Just a sample of their pretty ceramics shown with metal decos.

Red Rock Tileworks, a unique family owned business started by a couple of architects to create awesome textural handmade decorative tiles.  The video on their website is worth watching to learn about the company and tile creating.

I fell in love (again) with this paisley design.

And then I saw this…

Tiling a bathroom, floor to ceiling, used to be common in most homes.  This was the smart way of protecting the walls against humidity and mold.  I’m not sure where it got lost but we now use tile sparingly.  We often look at budgets through a short sided microscope and let $$ lead our decisions rather than practicality or intelligence.  Okay, at the very least I am trying to guilt you into using tile.  Today most every home touted for sustainable design has tile in the bathroom and kitchen.

The benefits using tile on floors, kitchen backsplashes, and in bathrooms (especially shower stall ceilings) far outweigh the costs and tile is an environmentally smart choice.

  • Superior durability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Hygienic – tile is chemically inert, germs can only live on the surface (easily washed away)
  • No VOC’s nor does it absorb odors
  • Often made from recycled or inherently organic materials
  • Long life span

Consider any one of or all three of these tile companies, Market Collection, CR Studio 4 or Red Rock Tileworks for your next interior project where you could or should use tile.

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