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Time For A Modern Living Room

September is here!  As the days grow shorter we begin to re-nest.  We return to our homes, to our interior spaces, for living and entertaining.  Now is the time to get the living room ready for living during the long cold winter months. This stunning living room by Massucco Warner Miller a West Coast design firm is our inspiration room for September as we dedicate our focus on the Living Room.

In the past, living rooms were formal, rarely used rooms, furnished to the nines but not for actually living in.  “No, no, stay out of that room,” was a common retort from mothers everywhere.  The living room was for show, for entertaining, for when “company” came over.  Nowadays the lifestyle is more about living and enjoying our homes not creating the guilded cage within a home. Today’s living rooms are happy and they are real.  A living room is both a place to welcome guests and say who you are.  No more faux Louis in the ranch home.  The pretense is gone, other than maybe hiding the fact that one might be a closet slob. 🙂  A living room is attractive and livable.  The easy way to achieve this is with order, this is what makes the room comfortable and inviting. What makes this room exceptional is the restraint.  The zippy color scheme with the vibrant magenta and the bold yellow-gold against a neutral ground is lively but not over-stimulating.  The colors, the placement and materials are carefully planned but not static or museum-like.  This room has life!

As we focus on the living room this month we will dive into seating, bookcases and how to stage them plus a few more decorating ideas you can use to get your living room ready for living.  Happy September!

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