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Tired of Rearranging the Furniture Again?

Arranging and re-arranging a room over and over is a sign that something is not right with the room.  If an interior is well designed it is comfortable and there is no need to keep on moving the furniture or adding one more lamp or throw pillow from TJ Maxx.

Too much and too wrong.

Interior design and decorating requires humility and the ability to look & learn, a dose of self-restraint AND the word “no.”

If you find yourself in this group of perpetual re-decorators you are not alone.

I can’t have it!

Don’t feel discouraged, it can happen to anyone.  We see some fantastic piece we just fall in love with, the price is right, the color is perfect but we have to leave it at the store if:

  1. It doesn’t physically fit the space.
  2. Is not required by the existing plan.
  3. The room is already full.
  4. The color does not coordinate.

Train your eye to make good decisions before wasting money in the store.  Scour design magazines (the photo shoots – never the advertisements) and design books for:

  • How colors are put together.
  • Seating and furniture arrangements.
  • Window treatments.
  • How accessories are used to enhance the room and not end up as clutter.
  • How to mix different styles and eras of furnishings and styles.

Great online sources which are also at the newsstand (I like to rip out the pages):
Photo by Donna Griffith Via Canadian House & Home

Now gather the photos you gravitate to and look for similarities in your interiors.  This can help cultivate your critical eye.  Not all furniture has to be placed against the wall.  Harmonious colors are planned not random.  Often the corresponding articles have great information about how certain design decisions were made.

Nobody comes out of the womb with an eye for design, they must cultivate it.  Good design requires a critical eye to make the right decisions.  A critical eye is neither emotional or forced.  I find when I start hearing “but I really want it” in my head – I am forcing something.  If there is any apprehension, it is the wrong choice.  Over time one can learn how to read their own signals.  This is also why it helps to work it out on paper in a floor plan or a visualization board first and much easier on the back.

Do it once, do it right and move on.  Interior design is a vocation not a hobby. 🙂

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