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Top 10 Ideas To Simplify Your Living Room

A great living room is both fresh and inspiring, it exudes confidence and comfort.  The fastest way to achieve this is through simplification.  Today we are barraged with visual eye candy from every direction, our attention spans have gotten smaller and our ability to relax has taken a nosedive.  Part of what I do for my clients is make their homes easier.  Easier to live in and easier to function in.  Lapchi rugs10 Ideas To Simplify Your Living Room

1.  Update your room with a new rug.  Pick one to go with your existing decor or use a new rug as the color key for a whole new color scheme.

2.  Add new drapery panels to frame your windows, nix any of the old swaggy, frilly dust catchers.Simple colors make a living room feel simple3.  Go easy on the eyes by having largest pieces of upholstered furniture covered in solid fabrics.  Beautiful living room 4.  Have one or a pair of sculptural chairs in a large patterned fabric.

5.  Introduce pairs – a pair of sofas, pair of chairs, pair of lamps, etc.   Balance creates a feeling of comfort.Michelle Workman Living Room6. Layer shades of colors to create a color scheme which is harmonious and warm.

7.  When using tables for display, pick one item or collection for a location and rotate seasonally to keep interesting.

8.  Eliminate the unnecessary.  Rooms begin to look like an extension of a storage room when filled with too many pieces of furniture or too many display items.  White living room 9.  Bookshelves and display areas beg for order.  Organize these spaces to keep them neat as a pin with the mantra, less is more. Open living room with natural materials10.  Negative space is your friend.  Rooms become luxurious when there are empty areas.  Leave space around furniture, float seating rather than cram it against all four walls.

Any of these ideas will help to refocus the living room to be a place to live, enjoy and relax.  The simpler the room the easier it is for you and your guests to get comfortable and enjoy hours of conversation.

Photos: Lapchi, Romo, House & Home, Michelle Workman Interiors, House & Home, and Architectural Digest.

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