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Top 10 Interior Finds From 2012

Interior design products come across my desk by the hundreds, even more vie for my attention at trade shows.  The items, products, companies or concepts which stick in my mind are often the ones which end up in design projects.  My mental hard drive has limited space, but if something sticks it is a hit.   Here are the top 10 interior items from 2012 and the corresponding posts which go with them.

Hey, with the holiday festivities, less than stellar relatives as house guests, or irritating bosses who require one to be at their desk regardless of the inactivity coming across your desk,   you’ve likely got time (or in need of a mental break) to sit and scour blog posts for ideas to use for 2013 – this is your shortcut. 🙂top 4 kitchen products

top walls

top 4 furnishings

Happy hunting!  Start filling those idea files for next year.  2013 is almost here! Happy Holidays Lisa


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