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Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends For Your Kitchen Wish List

If you have a kitchen project on the horizon or are thinking of updating your kitchen, it is time to make sure your kitchen design wish list is up to date.  Know the kitchen design trends before you start.top kitchen design trendsPhoto via Rational Living Kitchen

Kitchen design is changing and if you remodel the old way… well, it might look dated before you finish.  Kitchens are a room one really wants to get right, if for no other reason than they are expensive and expensive to change.

While not a proponent of being trendy when it comes to expensive items, there are some trends emerging in kitchen design which are going to stick – not be a trend but the new normal.  After attending a number of shows, and conferring with other designers here is my list of what you are going to need in your kitchen:

1. Drawers Kitchen cabinet drawersDrawers are the most efficient use of storage space in a kitchen and perfect for the aging population. Kitchen cabinet drawersMake everything below counter height a drawer.

2. Technology kitchen technologyTechnology is rampant in the kitchen.  Almost all new appliances have or will have a touchpad.  Advancements in technology allow us too cook in a more healthy manner – the steam oven and induction cooktop are tops in this category. From cooking to lighting, to apps which text you when your oven is done reheating, there is new technology on all fronts in the kitchen.

All new kitchens must incorporate new technologies into their kitchen design.

3. Ventilation kitchen ventilation by MieleGone are the days when ventilation meant a behemoth eyesore in hanging the kitchen.  More often than not one of the first things people say to me is they don’t want one of those great big built-in vent hoods with the goopy support moldings.  Not to worry there are to many new options which are a delight to look at and don’t instill fear.   vent hood and induction cooktopToday’s ventilation is worthy of art and doesn’t have to sound like a jet on takeoff.

4. Appropriate Sized Wall CabinetsKitchen wall cabinet Do's and Don'tsWall cabinets heights have to be appropriate and interesting not goofy.

Gone are the days of decorating above the kitchen cabinets.  In a kitchen with an 8 or 9 foot ceiling, take those babies to the ceiling.  Leaving 6″ or a 1′ above cabinetry makes the room look squatty.   For higher ceiling heights, make them interesting and appropriate to the scale of the room.  “But I can’t reach…”  Get a step ladder,  this is where you put those rarely used or seasonal items we all have too much of.

5. Decorative LightingDecorative kitchen lightingOver the eating area or over the island use pendant lighting.  kitchen lightingGo for big ones, not those dinky things.  No more overhead rectangle fluorescent ceiling fixtures.  Blaaah!

6. Appliance Wall Appliance WallAppliances can be ganged together on one wall and placed at easy-to-use heights.  We saw the appliance wall everywhere at the cabinet and appliance manufacturer booths during imm cologne, at ICFF in New Yorkand at Dwell on Design in Los Angeles.  Thumb through any good design magazine and you’ll notice this too. 

7. Modern Cabinets For All Fresh kitchen cabinet design Flat or shaker style door and drawer fronts are the new normal for any new kitchen regardless of home style.  Hey, they do it in Europe where their homes are much older.  Nooks and crannies from too much decorative details are so yesterday and a pain to keep clean.

8. Color Blue and white kitchen cabinetsColor works great in a kitchen.  Use it sparingly like the kitchen in #7 or go bold.  But don’t be shy about mixing it up. Color in the kitchenColor isn’t just for cabinets either, appliances and plumbing fixtures are getting all prettied up too.

9. Mix it Up  What does a single color kitchen mean?  No personality.  Mix the cabinets and the countertops, vary the wall cabinet heights and styles.  Use more than one cabinet door style.  Give your kitchen personality, your personality and doesn’t look like you bought the close-out from the local kitchen cabinet showroom!

10. Quartz Countertops Quartz countertops and kitchen drawersGranite I’m sorry to say is so pre-milenium.  Quartz is more adaptable, easier to clean, safer and aside from a number of other reason it is so much better than granite or marble.  Again we saw it everywhere.  Quartz countertops are here to stay.

Kitchens are one of the most expensive rooms in a home to do, armed with the right information you can do it once and do it right.


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11 Responses to Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends For Your Kitchen Wish List

  1. Great post. I especially like the dishes in drawers….and the quartz countertops are great looking too.

  2. As always Decor Girl makes the prospect of renovating in the home less daunting and more exciting.

    I have a seventies kitchen to contend with in the home I am moving to next year and this post has instantly helped me with some nagging questions.

    You have a wonderful way of relaying ideas and I always look forward to your informative and fun posts.

  3. Thank you Linda. First think I did with my 1978 house is gut and redo the kitchen (got a few bathrooms to go). I’ll be honest, part of the push for this post is having recently walked into some recent kitchen remodels by the local (no vision or change) cabinet companies and felt really bad for the customer – their brand new kitchen already looks out of date. Plus I’ve seen over time how people get an idea in their head of what is great and by the time they can afford it 10 or 20 years later, things have changed but their wish list hasn’t kept up.

  4. Great post, Lisa! I agree that your list is becoming the new normal. I have seen huge changes in just the last few years.

  5. Thank you Terri. Yes, there are change and they are sticking. Glass tile is not a trend as some still think.

  6. The kitchen is the most important place in the house. This all information about kitchen decoration is very important. I really like information about Decorative Lighting.

  7. Thank you Keira. Yes the kitchen is the most important room. I liked all the decorative lighting we saw, it makes kitchens more personal.

  8. I agree Decor Girl. And, It has been pleasure for me to be on your community.

  9. We totally agree with trend number 5! (You can also add pops of color to your kitchen through lighting, so tie trend number 8 in as well!)

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