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Top 10 Things You’ll Love To Enjoy in Copenhagen

Top 10 Things You'll Love To Enjoy in CopenhagenCopenhagen is an eclectic mix of old and new which makes it wonderful for travelers. The Danish understand how to celebrate the past while modernizing for the future. Copenhagen is it is a visual feast from any vantage point. Put on your walking shoes and just go. While I didn’t include some of the obvious sites people see in Copenhagen, here are ten things you’ll love to enjoy when visiting Copenhagen.

1. Danish Design Museum

Danish Design Museum CopenhagenRegardless of one’s interest in design, a walk through the museum is nostalgic as many household items and furnishings bring instant recognition, you’ve seen this piece before. Chairs in Danish Design MuseumMany of the simplistic chairs we sat on in elementary school such as the Series 7 chair from Arne Jacobsen, came from or where inspired by Danish designers.

2. Architecture

From picturesque historic landmarks to contemporary civic structures and all the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Historicism, Romanticism and Modernism you can handle, Copenhagen is rich in architectural history.The Black DiamondAxeltorv Ministry of Finance Building in CopenhagenChurch of Our SaviourCopenhagen Opera House

3. Torvehallerne Market

Once you step into the historic Israel Plads (town square) the mouth-watering aromas wafting out of two glass sided buildings called Torvehallerne Market, do more than tempt you.

Smorbrod at Torvehallerne MarketThis chic gourmet food hall, aka foodie heaven, is perfect for snacks, take-away, or enjoying a full on meal at the outdoor tables.Food offerings at Torvehallerne Market

4. Jens Olsen’s World Clock

In a room of its own, to the right as you enter the historic and humungous Copenhagen City Hall, Jens Olsen’s World Clock is worth seeing. This precise horological wonder complete with astrological signs and planetary positions will continue to predict lunar and solar eclipses for the next 2,500 years.Jens Olsen's World ClockJens Olsen's World Clock - planetary disc

5. Tivoli Gardens

Set amidst glorious gardens winding around concert and arts venues, lined with numerous foodie worthy restaurants, Tivoli is a great place to kick back and smile. Tivoli is a cultural delight for all ages discretely peppered with a few amusement rides and carnival fodder. Tivoli GardensSights from Tivoli Gardens Alliums at Tivoli

6. Royal History

The Danish Monarchy is one of the oldest still in existence and while it is impossible for a foreigner to keep all the King Christians and Frederiks straight, Copenhagen is full of royal castles and palaces. Amalienborg PalaceChristianborg Palace

 7. Rosenborg Castle

This refined gingerbread-like Dutch Renaissance castle, is worth exploring. Built in 1606 by Christian IV, this extraordinary castle is open for tours. Plus the crown jewels are on display in the treasury. Rosenborg CastleThe Marble Room ceiling at Rosenborg CastleYou’ve never quite seen an embellished ceiling until you’ve experienced those at Rosenborg.Christian IV’s crown

8. Copenhagen Card

The Copenhagen Card is a bargain, your ticket to effortless enjoyment.Copenhagen CardThis card allows FREE entry to 79 museums and attractions, FREE public transportation including to and from the airport via bus, train and Metro, plus other discounts. The cost of the card was far less than the individual costs of one day’s worth of transportation, a canal tour and sites visited.

10. Everything is easy!

The ease of which one can get around, eat great food, learn history shop and talk to people makes Copenhagen tops on the list of European cities to visit. The Danes speak english very well, a plus for visitors and they are proud to share their heritage. Okay, one thing takes some getting used to, bicycles are everywhere. Bikes have their own lanes, don’t confuse them with the sidewalk.

Copenhagen is a city I’ll return to. There is so much interesting history you’ve never learned about. Go for a walk. With so many large structures it is an easy city to navigate, set yourself up with some visual landmarks and just wander. There is so much to see and experience even a week is not enough.

In the coming weeks I’ll post more on the Mary Grace Tour including an awesome food tour.


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