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Top 5 Budget Saving DIY Home Decor Items

Top 5 Budget Saving DIY Home Decor ItemsHome decorating can be a costly proposition.  As an interior designer budgets are my business. Knowing where one can get away with choosing the lower cost version can sometimes make the difference in saving or sinking an interior design project. Hint: the large pendant above cost less than 1 square foot of the floor tile in the same room.

When it comes to home decor, there are five spots where you can easily save money on home decor and nobody will know the difference.  This is perfect for the DIY decorator in you.

Mirrors Budget Mirror For Home Decor

Interior mirrors can get crazy expensive, well above $1,000 and we aren’t even talking about the antique versions. Sure, not all glass is the same, but in most people’s homes they all work exactly the same – to fill a spot on the wall and to reflect a view or light. Unless you are a collector of precious antiques, there is no reason so spend a lot on mirrors.

Glass and Metal  Accent Tables

Glass and metal accent tables for home decor on a budgetGlass and metal accent or side tables are the easiest spot to slip in the low cost version. If the table is sturdy, fits the location and looks good, this is what matters. Nobody is scratch testing to determine if the finish is gold leaf or gold colored paint, real iron or black painted steel.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative Lighting From IKEAI make no secret I am a fan of IKEA lighting and have used it successfully for years.  Their products are brilliantly designed, have an eye catching element and OMG they are so reasonably priced.  IKEA offers a lot of style for the dollar.  Yep, the opening photo of this post features an inexpensive IKEA pendant; we needed a huge fixture and didn’t want to spend thousands, it was less than $100.

Decorative Bedding

White BeddingToday’s trend in high style bedding is white; the bonus is this is an easy item to find at a bargain. Add some texture and maybe a hint of trim color and you’ve got one chic and stylish bed. Clean white bedding looks luxurious and spa-like. Forgo the headache of matchy-matchy patterns, switch to all white (duvet, bedskirt, sheets and pillows) for easy and inexpensive bedding.

Decorative Glass

Inexpensive Decorative Glass for home decorWhile a great piece of art glass procured on a trip to Venice or some wonderful glass-blower’s studio is a worthy splurge; when using decorative glass just to fill a spot on a shelf or cabinet there is no reason you have to spend a lot of money. This is when inexpensive is good and cheap is better. Clear glass, colored glass of infinite shapes and sizes can be used en masse or as wonderful stand alone vessels empty or filled.

We’ve shopped our favorite online stores and budget minded retail outlets for picks in our top five categories.

These are the items we save money on with our clients and where we shop.  It doesn’t matter if it is a single room or a multi-million dollar home, these five home decor items are the one spot you can easily get away with saving money and it doesn’t look like you cheaped out.


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