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Totally Awesome Concrete Wall Tiles

Photo: Design Milk

These tiles are just too cool.  It seems Los Angeles based artist Daniel Ogassian has quite a way with tile.  His unique interpretations for creating a textured wall are really quite wonderful.  Perfect for residential or commercial use as a feature wall, bathroom, or dramatic entrance.  He creates designs useful for almost any home decor.  I could use these as a modern fireplace surround… oh yeah, going to make some phone calls on this.  The website is mostly a flash slide show so give it a minute.

 These are a modern take on the textile blocks and decorative wall applications utilized by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Last summer I visited the Dana-Thomas House in Springfield, IL and was enamored by the contemporary elements designed in 1902.

David’s tiles are a perfect reminder of the saying “everything old is new again.”  Great design is timeless in the way it can be re-used or re-interpreted for use in modern times.  Lisa signature

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