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Travel Gear: Fashionable Flats From Chanel & Prada

Comfortable Travel ShoesComfortable shoes are the cornerstone of great travel gear.  Normally finding a pair of comfortable and fashionable flats for travel is almost impossible.  Thanks to Chanel and Prada, the fashion gods have answered the prayers of sore feet everywhere.

As fashion goes this year, flats are the new black.

Stylish sneakers or trainers are the new must-haveChanel Runway Sneakers 2014Shown in both Spring and Fall 2014, Chanel offered numerous sneakers on the runway.  Translation: comfort and fashion are an inseparable pair this year.

Components of Good Travel Shoes:

  • rubber sole
  • arch support
  • no blister zones
  • low/flat heel to negotiate uneven surfaces
  • worry free material

One of the most difficult things about traveling, especially big city European travel with lots of cobblestones and hard surfaces, is finding a pair of comfortable shoes.  Comfortable shoes can be easy to find until you throw the word “fashionable” into the mix.  Changing weather demands worry free options.

While typical running shoes can be comfortable they are the equivalent of waving a tourist banner.  Let’s be honest, Americans can stick out like a sore thumb anyhow with their ill-fitting sloppy wardrobe staples – a concept worth fighting against.

Road Tested and Comfort ApprovedChanel and Prada sneaks

Chanel Trainers and Prada Laceless Sneakers are two winners in the fashion and comfort race.

A high-top ordinarily does not grace my foot, but well, they are Chanel and one does want to be stylish.    Hmmm, love the sleek blue nylon like fabric, no worries with bad weather.  The website calls it “coated toile” but they are neither toile or feel anything different than a good quality nylon raincoat.  They do breathe.  Love the dark sole too.  Chanel TrainersThe side zippers are pure genius!!!  Laces customize the fit – once and ignore, these zippers are OMG awesome.  The perfect travel shoe, slips on and off with ease. Pearl Detail on Chanel TrainersOf course Chanel would put a pearl detail on a sneaker.  Combining blue with black is a Coco Chanel characteristic which makes these stylish sneaks easy to wear.

“In order to be irreplaceacle, one must always be different.” ― Coco Chanel

The Prada sneaks were like putting on a slipper.  Starting from day one they are one with your feet, a no brainer.  You know how it is when you try on a shoe and it feels like a hug and your feet smile?  Honestly, these slip-ons provide a you-complete-me moment.  Prada slip on sneakersWear them with jeans, shorts, a skirt, even a suit, with cute socks or naked – bellissimo.Lisa in Prada sneaks on top of DuomoOn top of the world, the roof of the Duomo in Milan in stylish comfort.

Being fashionable is important, as is never sacrificing comfort, especially while traveling.  When one is going to be on their feet for 8 or more hours and no options to switch shoes because of blisters or “my dogs are barking” (painfully sore feet), shoes matter.  Both the Chanel and Prada sneaks are worthy travel shoes, providing hours of daily comfort and support on hard surface expedition.

While traveling this season feet can be fashionable and comfortable in flats.


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