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Trending In Furniture – Real Wood

Last week I attended the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York City.  Wood is back with a vengeance in lighting, countertops, decorative items and especially furniture.  It is all about the grain.  Some designs are basic, some are sculptural and others are sexy, come hither, must touch furniture porn. Designers are allowing the natural beauty of wood and its inherent grain to be a strong feature in their products.  Los Angeles furniture designer, Stefan Bishop creates sculptural beauty in everyday furniture.  Would you believe this tall cabinet/curio is made from one piece of wood? Now Workshop in Brooklyn, NY uses very basic wood board and basic geometric shapes to construct artful shelving. Walnut looses that taste of bitterness when one sees it as furniture.  This lamp and table from Autoban were just made for fondling.  Named Best In Furniture at ICFF, it is easy to see why – one can’t keep their eyes or hands off it.  This oak table from SANDBACK is proof 5,800 nails can be sexy.  Absolutely stunning in person.

Real wood is basic, sculptural and touchable.  It is hard yet soft, strong yet warm.  In our frantic technology driven lives one needs balance.  This is where a piece of contemporary wood furniture comes in.

In the upcoming weeks I’ll have more from the ICFF, but this is just to wet your appetite!

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