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Twelve Days of Gifts – Car Guys

Day 3 falls on a Saturday so of course I can not leave out my automotive fans.  Girls may like cars but unless the car is the gift, automotive gifts aren’t really what we have in mind so this post is dedicated to the Car Guys.  Ladies, if you haven’t a clue what to get your gear head, this is your place for tasteful automotive gift ideas.  There will not be any F1 or NASCAR inspired decor items – I PROMISE!

The ultimate 2 for 1 gift, RaceDeck garage floor tiles.  He gets the dream garage look and you get a clean floor.  I’m serious, this is the absolute best way to keep your garage interior looking sharp.  As the ultimate DIY gift, this also keeps him off the couch and out of your hair while you are working on Christmas dinner.  Measure your garage, use their easy online floor designer which calculates the right number of tiles needed in each color, click, order and it’ll be on the way to your home in 2 ft boxes suitable for wrapping.  Or if you really want to play up the Santa thing, the snap together tiles are so easy you can do it yourself if a couple of hours.  I did it as an anniversary surprise.

What in the hell is it?  This is the track map for Mazda Raceway, affectionately known as Laguna Seca in Salinas, California.  Looking for a stocking stuffer?  These simplistic looking squiggly line drawings are a coveted badge of honor by both race fans and the weekend track geek.  This is the only acceptable car art/bumper/window sticker for true car aficionados.  Trackdecal.com has 2″ and 4″ sizes for every major race track.

Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa model carMen may grow out of their Hot Wheels collection but they still love a model car.  You don’t need a spare $16 million sitting around to get your hands on a Ferrari Testa Rossa when the perfect miniature/model will do.  CMC Models are the absolute best of the best in model cars.  Their faithful reproductions of the tiniest detail have put them at the top of any car lover list.  Magellan Models has a great selection of vintage Ferrari, Bugatti, Mercedes and Porsche models worthy of any bookshelf garage.

And because I just can’t resist such beauty and style… the perfect dream car…

1937 Bugatti Type 575 Atlantic

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