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Two Tests For Getting The Color Scheme Of Your Dreams

So far this month we’ve offered posts full of color inspiration for home decorating but how does one actually make a decision when it comes to selecting a color scheme for an interior?  How does one decide when there are so many pretty options out there?  To create a fabulous color scheme one has to go deeper than saying I like red, blue or green.  Here are two simple tests to get you on the right track.

Do you like bold or soft colors?

bold or soft colors

Color choices are all about intensity, how much or how little equates to bold or soft colors.  This is a personal preference and choosing what one tends to gravitate too.  The trick here is to be very honest, not judgmental, but clear in what really captures one’s eye.   Ignore all the exterior comments from others (except your significant other if you live in the same home) and hone in on what colors tingle your senses.

Do you like high contrast or low contrast? Sherrill CanetThis room by interior designer Sherrill Canet showcases high contrast; the light and the dark in almost equal doses.  High contrast schemes often have very defined light and dark colors. MarkPFinlay sunroomQuite the opposite is this sunroom by architect Mark P. Finlay which offers almost no or low contrast.  Colors fade easily into and out of one another.

Rather than just dark or light color contrast involves how dramatic color changes are.  Interiors are drama.

 Since a color scheme is usually comprised of more than one color, knowing how much contrast one likes is a key component in getting the color scheme of your dreams.  Once you have determined the intensity of colors and contrast level you prefer, you can begin to select a color scheme.Lynn Morgan Design  - dining room Khaki and white would be considered soft colors, but as used by interior designer Lynn Morgan, they produce a high contrast. Anthony Baratta colorful living roomKing of vibrant colors, Anthony Baratta used very bold juicy colors in this living room, but with rather low contrast.

Wonderful color schemes are the result of getting just the right mix of colors.  Knowing what colors to mix and how to mix them is the trick.  By examining both the intensity level of colors one gravitates to and accessing how much contrast one is comfortable with, this will put one in the right position to achieve the perfect livable color scheme.   Lisa sigPhotos: Sherrill Canet Interiors, Mark Finlay Architects, Lynn Morgan Design, and Anthony Baratta


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2 Responses to Two Tests For Getting The Color Scheme Of Your Dreams

  1. I love the low contrast. So soothing. Thanks for posting this comparison for those of us who are visual!

  2. Thank you Jeanne, it is amazing how unless one defines it they really don’t realize what they like or don’t like. Make picking color schemes so much easier.


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