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Unique & Unusual Cars Spied During Pebble Beach

Unusual Cars Spied At Pebble BeachPart of the fun of the whole Pebble Beach / Monterey Car Week extravaganza is all the unusual cars one can stumble upon.  A few automobiles fall in the never-seen-before category, others are just wildly unusual and the remaining turn one’s head with a smile or large question mark.  Regardless of your particular car fetish, there is never a shortage of the unusual and unique cars one stumbles across throughout the week.

A 1926 Bugatti Type 35 for $250,000 Pur-Sang BugattiOkay this is a replica, but in this case replica is not a dirty word.  This is a piece by piece, part by part, hand fashioned and built ground up recreation of the original.  Using old techniques and the exact same build process as occurred on the originals hearing how they are built is quite fascinating.  The company is Pur Sang, out of Argentina, and if you understand the politics of the land – they have import laws which makes importing old car parts forbidden, hence all of it is hand built.  Car Build Index did a nice post on it if you care to read more.

WHAT IS IT? – 1917 La Bestioni 1917 La Bestioni La Bestioni 2 La BestioniLook, now look again, a bit closer, notice any parts and pieces but not quite the car?  This automobile is the creation of Gary Wales.  He began with a 1917 fire engine and his imagination took over.  Apparently this is only his latest in a stable of ingenuity on wheels.

STRANGE – 1954 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith LWB Special Saloon 1954 ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER WRAITH LWB SPECIAL SALOONThis is the only Vignale bodied Rolls-Royce ever built, and with good reason, it is hideously ugly.  It is special all right… Normally Vignale cars are stellar from a design aspect, but I’m not sure what happened here.  Was this a case of anything for money?  Even back in the 50’s money didn’t guarantee taste.  Vintage TV in Rolls RoyceAs if the headlamps aren’t enough to cause you to avert your eyes, the squatty grille makes it look a bit like a bad hack job.  If course the full size vintage TV in the rear cabin lends a nostalgic touch.  Taking creature comforts a bit far would be the gold painted toilet seat under the rear passenger seat, said to be used as a champagne cooler.  If this is true, it takes the tacky cake.  If it is a story perpetrated to assume the rest of us are idiots, the only legit excuse would be a medical condition which nobody is admitting too.  Scary truth, someone bought it.  Disinfectant please.

It Was The 50’s – 1954 Pegaso Z-102 Cabriolet1954 Pegaso Z-102 CabrioletWindshield detailIf the mint didn’t give it away the awkward bulbous but flat styling did.  It may be by Saoutchik, but what were those guys drinking at the drawing board in the 50’s?  Here they only sliced the windshield frame.  Visually the car seems a struggle between round and flat.   There is a cool aspect unlike the RR above but, still this is no beauty, although someone did pay $900,000 for it.

There is something for everyone.

PRECIOUS METALS – 1915 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Alpine Eagle  1915 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Alpine Eagle  engine bayhighly polished lubricant canCopper oil canComplete perfection is the only way to describe this car.  Not a detail has been ignored or left un-polished.  Silver plate fittings, brass  copper and aluminum all gleam in the daylight.

TRAVELS WITH TOYS – 1941 Chrysler Town and Country 1941 Chrysler Town and Country with toy car in rearOne glimpse in the rear and it makes sense this car was originally owned by Warner Brothers and appeared in several Our Gang films.

This is what makes attending Pebble Beach / Monterey Car Week year after year so enjoyable.  There is always something you’ve never seen before.  Even the old guys who’ve been attending for 15 or more years agree, there is always a car which is new to you.


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