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Update Your Countertops With Quartz

Update Your Countertops With QuartzGive your home an instant facelift with new countertops. Fresh countertops in modern materials are a quick way to update an interior. Once trendy granite has been cast aside for Quartz, still stone but infinitely better.

Silestone countertopsIn the last ten years kitchen and bathroom countertops have transformed from typical glossy slabs of granite (with their never-perfect pesky seams) to beautiful and more durable surfaces.  Today’s countertops, made from natural quartz and composite resin, can mimic the natural look of granite or marble minus the drawbacks of solid stone.

Silstone green countertopQuartz can be juiced up with color.

Cambria countertopCambria kitchen countertopQuartz countertops can have the light-catching twinkle of the natural aggregate or offer a more solid look.

Quartz countertops are…

  • more durable, heat and stain resistant than granite or marble
  • non-porous (grease, oils, liquids & make-up can leach through granite or marble)
  • antimicrobial
  • less maintenance
  • full palette of colors, not just neutral
  • more impact resistant
  • more durable, they don’t chip like granite or marble

Fair warning to anyone currently selling a home with black granite countertops against cherry cabinets, this is dated, not a selling point. Old chipped granite or stained marble can be is a detractor for a home buyer. 

Quartz bathroom countertopOur favorite and popular manufacturers of quartz countertops, which are pictured above, are Silestone and Cambria. The hottest modern countertops are made from quartz, and well on their way to becoming a classic. Any way you slice them, today’s quartz countertops can be a durable work surface and a design statement.


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