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Use A Rug To Kickstart Your Room Colors

Color schemes can be super easy if you start with a great rug.   Since an area rug is often such a large piece using a patterned one as the basis of a room color scheme will result in a completely coordinated look.

The rug market has exploded with offerings in modern colors for both traditional or contemporary styles.  Pair neutral furniture with a fabulous rug for an instant room makeover. Getting the wall color right is the next step.  By having the rug first it is easy to play with colors to discern the right color for drama or serenity depending on your room goals.  It is so much easier to paint the walls to go with the rug than to find a rug to go with the walls.    When selecting a paint color it is often a color outside of your initial preference which will produce the prettiest results.  For deeply saturated rugs less saturated colors allow the rug to remain important in the room and not be overpowered by the walls.  Using a rug as the color key for the basis of a room’s color scheme is an easy route to an attractive and coordinated room.

All rugs shown are via ABC Carpet & Home in the Color Reform, Aquasilk and Gee’s Bend collections.


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