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Use Vintage Furniture to Give a Room Soul

The beauty of using a piece of vintage or antique furniture in an interior is it gives a room history or soul.  It also can keep a new home or room from looking too contrived.  Vintage or antique, for this post they are one in the same.  This is about mixing the old and new to create modern rooms.  One of the best when it comes to adding vintage and antiques to an interior is Jeffers Design Group in San Francisco.  Known for their artful style of combining old and new JDP creates interiors which are modern and fun.  In 2011 Jay Jeffers was named one of Elle Decor’s Top 25 Designers.

What makes an interior interesting and enjoyable is when it looks collected.  Pieces make you wonder, where did that come from – is there a story behind it?   The hallmark of a great room is this conversation it has with those who enter.   When shopping for vintage go for the chair with a sculptural quality.  The inherent beauty in a piece of vintage seating is about line and shape.  Add a new fabric and clean up the finish and you’ve got something special.   Mix up styles and eras for an eclectic touch.  Please come sit down.  Notice how this pair of vintage armchairs add instant character to a brand new home!  It doesn’t matter what is new or old this fresh and fabulous bedroom.  This room invites the eye to move around.  The end tables don’t even match, well one is a table and the other a desk – this is perfect.  Vintage creates interest. Case pieces and tables are one of the best values in vintage furniture, it is either impossible to find or cost prohibitive to locate the same item as brand new. With a few vintage finds an entire room can begin to take shape.  Here the pottery lamp and mosaic table lead an aqua infused color palette.  Have the chairs re-upholstered, add some drapery and a new rug –  you’ve got a whole new look.  Many interior designers feel a room is not right without an antique or vintage piece.  We like rooms to feel comfortable and be interesting to the inhabitant.

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of tag sales, garage sales and summer antique fairs.  While visiting a relative ask to scrounge around in their attic for an interesting family piece.  You never know what great vintage furniture find you’ll come across.  Happy hunting! Images:  1, 3 & 4 Jeffers Design Group.  All vintage furniture finds came from 1stdibs. Fabric and leather are by Kravet.

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