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Use Wallpaper To Create Stunning Feature Walls

Feature walls are one of those designer-esque  projects which can elevate the most mundane room to stupendous.  It is one of those tricks interior designers use engage the viewer’s attention.  Here are some great examples and fabulous wallpaper finds from the 2012 ICFF show in NYC.Kips Bay Decorator Show House 2012 - Laura BohnKips Bay Decorator Show House 2012 – Laura Bohn Kips Bay Decorator Show House 2012 - Raji RadhakrishnanKips Bay Decorator Show House 2012 – Raji Radhakrishnan

Above photos via Edgar Pineda

The first photo shows a cardboard, egg carton like material, which is attached to the wall then painted.  Great for adding texture to a feature wall which in this case, features something else, the bed.  But if you favor an instant transformation which does double duty as artwork certain wallpaper or wallcovering is up to the task.

Wallcovering specifically for use on feature walls had designers, editors and bloggers buzzing at last week’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF).  When you look at these, you’ll see why they are feature wall specific – a whole room could be waaaaay too much.Trove Wallpaper, winner of ICFF Editor’s Award 2012.  No this last photo is not blurry, this is the actual wallpaper.Wallpaper by Piet Hein.     Eek Ella Doran wallpaper captures the essence of texture.  Oh yeah, this is flat!

There is much more to creating a feature wall than slapping up a some wallpaper on one of four walls in a room.  When feature walls are used correctly the room works, it doesn’t look like someone ran out of money before they could finish the wallpaper job.  For more info on how to identify and make a feature walls work for you check out my previous posts:

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2 Responses to Use Wallpaper To Create Stunning Feature Walls

  1. wao! You have found some amazing wallpapers….It is easy to make a statement with one of these.

  2. Thank you. Aren’t these just awesome? Today’s wallpapers, especially with the digital printing, are just spectacular. Every home needs something besides just another flat wall. 🙂 Plus today’s wallpapers are so much easier to remove if needed.

    Decor Girl

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