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Vintage Racing Is Full Of Happy Faces

Faces of Vintage RacingPart of the fun of the Rolex Motosports Reunion during Monterey Car Week is salivating over all the old vintage race cars.  Admittedly I don’t know a whole lot about them but they always seem to capture one’s attention.  Could be it the early understanding of aerodynamics?  Or possibly the jellybean colors?  It could be just the simple fact these automobiles still alive and rambling after all these years.  Regardless of the whys, they are just cool and from my camera’s angle, always sporting a happy face.

Vintage Lola race carThe innocent looking Lola1965 Ferrari 250 LM Berlinetta GTThis 1965 Ferrari 250 LM Berlinetta GT from The Revs Institute is all kinds of happy.  Vintage Maserati Race CarA Maserati can sport a smirk.
Racing Aston MartinThe cheeky Aston Martin looks so carefree, despite the braces. Lister race carThis Lister surely has a spring in his step.  Face of a Vintage race carVintage race cars from the 50s and 60s all have a distinctive face.  Ferrari 458 Italia GT3Current race cars have evolved so much they’ve lost their face.  This Ferrari 458 is pulled so tight (kind of like a few of those who’ve “gone under the knife”) it looks downright bitchy.

Vintage race cars offer so much more personality than the Formula One or GT race cars of today.  Back in the early days of racing, design was for purpose not for profit.  Vintage race cars have curves, lines and are full of personality.  Walking the paddock amongst these oldies one can’t help but be happy.


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