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Vintage Racing: The Ultimate Boys With Toys Motorsport Hobby

Vintage racing is a global sport full of passionate car enthusiasts exercising a dream to drive a real race car.  Vintage racingWhile not as simple to get into, vintage racing is far more taxing, challenging, and interesting than golf.  Men and women, many in the over-50 and over-60 crowd practice a sincere dedication to this sport which is much larger than one might imagine. Ferrari 250 GT LWB TDF CompBefore I got into cars, really into driving cars I had no idea about vintage automobile racing other than the  prestigious Mille Miglia, a 1000 mile once a race now a rally in Italy from Brescia to Rome and back.  Limited to automobiles who would have been eligible during the original operation of the 1927 – 1957 Mille Miglia, this is the pinnacle of the vintage racing calendar. vintage racecarsSince most racecars are not street legal, numerous vintage racing associations, groups and tracks exist around the globe purely to keep the love of vintage racing alive.  Vintage Maserati racecarHistorics basically stands in for old racecars.  A generous slate of gentleman’s rules apply.  Many vintage racecars are one of a kind.  There is no place for overly testosterone fueled ego maniacal driving like an ass.  Or one can be very politely ejected from the circuit… for a year or more. Vintage racer and his carFor hardcore vintage racing there is the Historic Grand Prix of Monaco held two weeks prior to the regular Grand Prix of Monaco.  The English charm of  Goodwood Festival of Speed and especially the Goodwood Revival are for those who wish to truly immerse themselves in the days gone past.  Porsche 356 RacecarsIn the States we have various vintage racing events around the country, and of course more than one gatekeeper.  (And they say girls can’t get a long, yeesh.):

Vintage racing Rolex Motorsport Reunion There are numerous vintage racing events all over the United States which are as fun for the spectators as for the drivers. Cars are meant to be driven, in vintage racing, these men and women keep their cars in top shape, constantly tweaking and fixing to remain competitive and safe.

Vintage racecars in the paddock at Laguna SecaVintage racing is a full-blown lifestyle hobby for many men and women.  A well preserved pristine old car can be easy to appreciate.  Low miles are coveted by few but there is nothing quite like treating a car as a car.  These racing beasts were meant to be driven, thank you to all who drive, participate and keep ’em racing.

What events are on your car calendar this year?


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