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Visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House In Los Angeles

Hollyhock House by Frank Lloyd WrightFrank Lloyd Wright was the first architect name I was introduced to.  Throughout my life and travels as well as my interior design education I’ve made an effort to study and visit the buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright which are still around.  On a recent trek to Southern California we made our way to Hollyhock House in East Hollywood.Exterior of Hollyhock HouseCurrently undergoing a $2 million + renovation project, we could only forage around the exterior of the building, which did not disappoint.Hollyhock House Lamp postCompleted in 1923, Hollyhock House commissioned by Aline Barnsdall was FLW’s first LA project.

Frank Lloyd Wright was an architect who at the most basic level, created 3D sculptures which people lived and worked in.  Generic is not a term one could apply to anything completed by FLW.  He was an architect back in the day when people where patrons of great design.Details of planter box at Hollyhock HouseHe created the outside, inside, furniture and the full look and feel of each of his designs.  He was not an architect who just did the building.

Hollyhock House Exterior DetailFLW was the patron saint of architectural details.  Linear patterns of intricate geometry are a characteristic of many FLW designs, as is the cast concrete used his later buildings.

Details at Hollyhock HouseHe created visual relationships with the exterior and interior of his buildings.

Griffith ObservatoryAs the originator of the idea of  organic architecture, FLW was adept at siting a building to take advantage of the natural landscape or in this case the view of the Los Angeles basin in one direction and the mountain skyline including the Griffith Park Observatory in the other.

For more information on Hollyhock House, interior pictures and to check on the renovation progress, so one can go see the inside, click on the website.
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2 Responses to Visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House In Los Angeles

  1. So glad you took photos, I have not been to this house. You covered a lot of territory in LA!

  2. I’ll fess up, those photos were from my April trip to CA to visit the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard. We got up early to head to LA and what better thing to do than visit architecture?


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