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Wall Tile With Moves

For years, no make that decades, tile was pretty much considered a flat surface.  The bathroom and often the kitchen were both a sea of flat one dimensional planes.  Flat and boring was the only choice for the kitchen or bathroom wall tiles.  Those days are over Today interiors are all about texture and dimension, we want interest.  Look deep into this picture and you’ll notice how your fingers could feel the rise and fall of the honed and polished portions of this sandstone tile called Ziva Gris Lotus.  Thanks to Artistic Tile the kitchen and bath can now be on trend when it comes to dimension.  This 16″ x 16″ tile could make an impactful statement on a variety of wall locations.  If the curves don’t work for you how about a classic chevron pattern?  Éclat makes a stunning dimensional carved wall tile suitable for interior or wet area locations. One of my favorites is Seismic, a polished hexagonal 12″ x 12″ mosaic of undulating tiles. Talk about texture!   This just screams feature wall in an entrance, around a fireplace, behind a dining spot, or as just the right backsplash (for a non-cook).  Ambria breaks up the typical stiff lines by offering a sense of movement which mimics the gentle curves in this Blanco SILGRANIT® II Sink.  See how much fun tile can be?

All of the tiles are from natural stone.  Though stone is a hard surface these tiles play with your mind a bit offering the idea of softness.  Next time you are wondering how to make the kitchen or bathroom a bit more dimensional consider adding some texture from Artistic Tile.   The world of tile is no longer flat.Installation photos courtesy of Artistic Tile and Blanco.

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