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Wallcovering, Wallpaper, What Is What?

Wallcovering or Wallpaper.  Wallcovering is the current one-size-fits-all term to define the reality of options beyond paper.  Wallpaper is still made.  But with all the advancements in printing and production wallcovering deserves a second look.  Don’t worry, most of today’s products are stripable.Rubani Wallpaper via Romo

Some of today’s wallcovering options are:

  • Vinyl
  • TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin – also PVC free)
  • Cotton, Polyester, Cellulose or other fibers plus paper or grass
  • Glass beads
  • Wood veneers
  • Bamboo

This white, yes it is white, with a sort of dichroic film on the face of the wallpaper changes colors depending on location is quite stunning.Glass beaded wallcovering from Maya Romanoff comes in rolls and as 18″ square wall tiles.  Textured wallcovering like this commercial product from Maharam is an outstanding product to consider for long or large hallways and much more forgiving than paint.

Wallcovering generally comes in a range of sizes depending on origin, Europe or The States, available in roll, yard or panel.  Residential wallcovering is often 21”- 27” wide and sold by the roll.  Commercial wallcovering is 54” wide and sold by the yard, bolt or panel (keeps waste down too).

Designer tip: Commercial wallcovering is neither ugly, generic or expensive.

  • It is significantly thicker and more durable than typical residential vinyl wallcovering available in a hardware store.
  • Cost per square foot is often much less expensive than general wallcovering.
  • People who hate seams LOVE commercial wallcovering.
  • Commercial wallcovering is best installed by a professional installer.
  • Commercial wallcovering may have the added benefit of anti-microbial and anti-bacterial qualities built into the product making it great for kitchens or bathrooms.

It’s not your grandma’s wallpaper anymore.  There is a wallcovering or paper suitable for almost every application and many out perform paint in both durability and looks!  If you call it wallcovering, you are covered. 🙂

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