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Walls For Rubbing Up Against

Are you tired of flat walls?  A house full of plain old walls gets oh so boring.  I notice this is also when paint color choices can get a bit wonky, the inhabitants are so starved for a change but won’t tread beyond paint.  This is time to step out of the ordinary add a bit of texture.  Today my focus is on one clever product Hide Paper by Kyle Bunting. Hide Paper is exactly that, hair on cowhide and is installed with a wallpaper adhesive.  This linear design is called Air Stream which can add instant order to a space as well as some feel good texture.  Imagine this on a front entrance or bedroom feature wall or in a powder room or small sitting area.  Oooh so glamorous.  I’m thinking, dining room.  What is nice about this type of physical soft texture is it can also absorb sound in those areas which produce an echo due to the tile or other hard floors.

Hide Paper is available in 85+ hide colors and numerous patterns including custom murals or other designs.  It is priced by the foot which makes it easy to use in large spaces or small ones. Would you like the walls to match the floors?  This is possible as they make gorgeous cowhide leather rugs too.   Oh yes, they do color well, very well.  Rich, luminous saturated colors which take on a life all their own as the hairs change direction.  Hide Paper  installs just like regular wallcovering.  It comes in rolls and is backed like wallpaper.

If you are hungry for some textural interest on your walls, consider Hide Paper by Kyle Bunting, you might just never leave the room.  Warning: using this could lead to uncontrollable wall fondling by your guests.

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2 Responses to Walls For Rubbing Up Against

  1. Lisa Mende Design

    I love Kyle Bunting rugs and hide paper!

  2. Me too! So cool and unique.

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