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Want Amazing Home Inspiration? Modernism Week Is For You

Want Home Inspiration?Modernism Week, February 16 – 26, 2017, is the place to get amazing inspiration for anyone who lives in a home or is decorating their abode. You don’t have to be into contemporary architecture or strict mod-style decor, there are home design takeaways for everyone.

Once can’t help but smile when you walk off the plane or exit the car in sunny Palm Springs. Tall gesturing palm trees wave their green palm fronds against, literally the polar opposite, a beautiful, often snow covered mountain backdrop. This is how you know you are in the land of possibilities which invites you to see outside your proverbial box.

What I like about Modernism Week is while it celebrates great and often under appreciated mid-century modern architecture, track homes in many cases, there are very simple elements which can be translated to any home, almost any place. These designer show houses are a great place to start.

2017 Christopher Kennedy CompoundChristopher Kennedy Compound

Each year Palm Springs interior designer Christopher Kennedy teams with a select group of other designers to revamp an existing home in the Palm Springs area. While showcasing some of the latest in interior products, finishes, and appliances, he creates a home which is livable and current without being full of useless trends which are outdated a year later. The home is loaded with interior inspiration for you to pick an choose. Let’s face it, unless you are building a brand new home, this is exactly what the rest of us are tasked with every day, taking an existing home and making is modern.

West Elm Modernism Week Show HouseWest Elm House

West Elm, the online and storefront shopping mecca for reasonably priced cool furnishings and interior objects let their West Elm Design Lab loose on the renovation of a 1958 Palmer & Krisel home. Let them inspire you with their creative use of West Elm products.

2017 Chino Canyon Project Show HousesChino Canyon Project

This year will be the debut of two new homes, one based on the never built mid-century design of late midcentury modern architect Al Beadle; the other a current contemporary home by Palm Springs architect Lance O’Donnell. Showcasing the latest and greatest of today’s interior design, lighting, appliances and landscape, you are sure to find a product, color scheme, or another creative idea to inspire you for your own home.

Let me break this down, I live in Ohio with a dramatic freeze and thaw climate, not a desert full of sand, rocks and cacti, however I came home last year armed with oodles of landscape inspiration I could and did translate to my outdoor spaces. Whatever home interior or exterior inspiration you’re looking for, Modernism Week serves up amazing ideas.

Modernism Week works for anyone. Everyone wants a fresh interior suitable to our modern lifestyle. Regardless of your home’s existing style, up-to-date kitchens, bathrooms, closets and interior space organization fit in every home. Go to the Modernism Week website for the full schedule of events, show houses, tours and more.


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