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Warning: Don’t Label The Vessel Sink A Fad

The Vessel Sink Is Here To StayA few years ago when vessel sinks were introduced it seemed they were novel and new, many brushed them off.  Fast forward to 2014, vessel sinks are chic, inspiring and definitely worth adding to your next bathroom project.   It could be a big mistake to label the vessel sink as a fad and deny your bathroom the stylish glory it deserves. Vessel Sink in Master Bath by Design MagnifiqueOne of our friends at Design Magnifique recently completed this beautiful master bathroom using glass vessel sinks as the focal point.  The tile is glorious but the vessel sinks are really the key to making this bathroom stunning.  Typical drop-in or undermount sinks would disappear.

Bathrooms are one of those rooms in a home which need to stay current.  No matter how clean, a dingy dated bathroom is not pleasant to look at and can make potential homebuyers take a home right out of contention.  Bathrooms need to be clean, current and fresh.  A vessel sink sends the right message.

Vessel sinks can add visual interest to a bathroom when a regular sink would be boring.  Consider a vessel sink as art, useable useful art. Ceramic Vessel sinkOnyx vessel sinkVessels come in all shapes, sizes and materials and price ranges.  There is a vessel sink suitable for any decor.

Even if  a classic white sink is still your favorite, there are numerous white porcelain sinks which make a stunning vessel.

Gessi washbasinGessi vessel sink Gessi single washbasinMmmm, there is just something about the crisp clean form of a white vessel sink which elevates an otherwise boring plumbing fixture to jaw-dropping gorgeousness.  These white bathroom vessel sinks are from Gessi, an innovative luxury bathroom company from Italy.  The vessel, or washbasin as they call it, is a major component of their product line.  Their products are chosen by designers for some of the best hotels in the world, which is proof the vessel is about value and style, not a fad.

Where to find vessel sinks:

If you are looking to update your master bathroom or powder room, the vessel sink is a worthy contender.


Disclaimer:  Gessi was a sponsor for 2014 BlogTour Milan and Axor was a sponsor of 2013 BlogTour Cologne which I attended.  This however, it not a sponsored post and their inclusion in this post was entirely at my discretion.

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2 Responses to Warning: Don’t Label The Vessel Sink A Fad

  1. We love vessel sinks! We typically don’t recommend them for homeowners renovating for resale but you’re right, an updated, clean, and current bathroom is definitely better than one left alone.

  2. I hear you, but we’ve been doing the opposite – especially for those renovating for resale. It is a visual clue the owner is current and mindful of such which gives potential buyers comfort that the homeowner cares. Also vessels are the easiest sinks to change out.

    Thank you for stopping by!


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