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Wave Goodbye To These 5 Design Trends

Goodbye 5 Design TrendsIn interior design there are trends with staying power and those which begin to look like a date stamp, “oh you did that in 2010.”  These are the kind of trends we don’t spent too much coin on because we need to be able to easily shift them aside to keep our interiors from looking dated.  Here are five interior design trends which are time to say “goodbye” to.

WARNING: Plenty of these are still on the market, so a major investment may prove to be a regret.  And we are all about avoiding regrets when it comes to interior design.

1. The Fur Ball  Fur as a design trendYep, those big fury pillows or hairy footstools.  Ten years from now, this will be a “what was I thinking” design element.

2. Geometric Overkill  Geometric interior design trendA classic fretwork, Greek Key or trellis pattern is a classic, when used sporadically.  More than once in a room or in too many rooms of a home = overkill.  The same can be said of geometric patterns, unless used in a very David Hicks sort of way, don’t over do it.  Too much of a good thing is too much.

3. Beige/Sage Walls  Beige Sage Wall trendDated wall colors are so easy to change!  Nothing screams I did it when louder than a wall color which was hot 15 years ago.  But if one hasn’t repainted in 15 years, we might have a bigger issue.

4.  Say Poof to the Pouf  Pouf design trendI’m not sure if this was just some sad attempt at resurrecting the glory days of the beanbag but dotting one’s room with useless slumpy furniture-ish items in odd colors and materials was never a great idea.

5.  Slab-O-Tree Furnishing Wood Slab interior trendCertainly one can appreciate back to nature, reclaiming and all that, however this is one of those expensive trends which should come with a warning.  It the right house, an extremely modern contemporary home with lots of open space, a big slab dining table or kitchen bar has more staying power than in a typical cul-de-sac cookie cutter palace but inside of 10 years, we will be long #overit.

Interior design trends are fun, when we don’t make too great of commitment on any one trend.  The best design advice I ever heard about trends was to embrace trends which interest you in an inexpensive way and sporadically.  Go for items which are easy to replace… with the next trend one likes.

Interiors are like fashion, it is fun to be in, but not past the expiration date.  Enjoy new interior design trends and nix the old.


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