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Way Cool Tile From Recycled Skateboards

As I was walking the isles of the International Furniture Fair last month, I nearly tripped as my eyes were magnetized by these colorful tiles from Art of Board. Wait a minute!  I kept looking, touching feeling… recycled skateboards?  This tile looks more like one of a kind art.Fortunately one of the the non-corporate soft-spoken founder, Rich Moorehead, interrupted my momentary hypnosis and gave me the full story on how broken skateboards = sustainable design.  They, at Art of Board, take broken skateboard decks and refashion and repurpose them into tiles which make for some fantastic wall art, countertops, backsplashes and more. Photo via I Ride I Recycle

They created a program where riders from all over the country happily contribute/recycle their broken skateboards through the first-ever national, grassroots, skateboard deck recycling movement.  Isn’t this impressive?  Seriously, to take something most would consider junk, trash or at best someone’s broken “toy” and found an entire movement which fuels the basis of an entire company who then turns it into something cool while remaining true to form is applaud worthy.  Clap clap! They have recently added circular tiles to their repertoire.  Look close, they are mesh backed and come in 1 ft squares like many other tiles.  Attach with  mastic and grout like you would with another tile.  Kid’s bathrooms, kitchen backsplash, feature wall, to un-stuff a corporate office, there are so many places these could go though not in showers or high moisture areas.  This is a “green” idea easy to ride.

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2 Responses to Way Cool Tile From Recycled Skateboards

  1. Bruce

    Thanks so much for the great article, Lisa!! We really appreciate it! -Bruce/Art of Board

  2. You are very welcome, if something is fabulous I love to talk about it!


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