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What Does A Great Bathroom Need?

There is just something wonderful about a clean and useful bathroom which makes one’s morning a little easier.  Bathrooms are one of the most functional rooms in a home and take the most day to day abuse.  When it comes to resale an out of date gross old bathroom can make potential buyers run.  But when it comes to day to day living what will make us happy in a bathroom? Photo Benny Chan/Fotoworks via CA Home +Design

There really is a lot to think about when it comes to creating your everyday bathroom:

  • One sink or two – two is necessary if both people get ready at the same time but it is all personal preference.
  • Type of sink: vessel, undermount, set-in and then the materials.
  • Shower or bathtub?  Designers at KBIS 2012 noticed a lack of spa bathtubs at the show and noted a great shower is more important to homeowners.  It all depends on you.  If you take a bath 3 or more days a week, a spa tub may be for you.  But then it comes down to tub type; to do you like the noise of a whirplool/water jet (jacuzzi) style tub, the cleanliness of an air-jet or do you just like to soak in peace and quiet?
  • Toilet – hidden behind a wall, out it the open or in a private room?  Next there is water usage, single or dual flush, and toilet amenities.
  • Surfacescountertops, flooring, walls and cabinetry.
  • Comfort – In any psuedo northern climate radiant heated floors if using tile is the only way to go.  Heated towel bars which also provide room heat are a nice feature.

I could go on and on but this is what people hire me for.  The point is bathrooms are no longer just a toilet, tub with a shower head and a sink they have evolved in size literally and in terms of what goes into one.  Bathroom remodeling is on the rise, see Hooked on Houses post.  The master or daily use bathroom is the most personal room in a home.   The key to building a great bathroom is to include the details and elements which make the room work for you, esthetics are important but secondary.  Hunt and gather as much as you can while traveling, at other’s homes, from magazines or here on the internet. We’ve become very interested creating a great bathroom, but what makes it great is all up to you.

Here are some bathroom ideas for your Pinterest bathroom board: via Freshome via House to Home I took this at the Encore in Las Vegas as an example of a good use of space.  Not every bathroom is huge.  Notice how the shower seat and the tub surround work. 


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4 Responses to What Does A Great Bathroom Need?

  1. TALV58

    From what I’ve been reading and seeing Lisa, baths are one area that people are making changes to and renovating. It’s no longer just a sink, toilet and a shower that will do.

  2. Baths are likely the #1 room in a home, only because not everyone cooks, but in terms of functionality. A great bathroom can definitely start your day off right! 🙂


  3. I have found that more and more women have been asking for makeup vanities in their bathrooms with lighting and angled mirrors specifically to enhance the experience. Do you think that with such a feature, it is more desirable to have a higher counter and a bar stool, or a lower counter with a bench or regular chair?

  4. Lisa M Smith

    Interesting idea Gina. All the one’s I have done are with a seat height area if they want to sit. I’ve built them more of a dressing table. Bar stools seem a bit unusual. Doesn’t mean you can’t. One of my client’s loves to stand (as we get older we like to be close to that mirror.) So we used a full height Robern mirrored vanity that way she can have everything right were she is using it and she loves it. Hope this helps!

    Decor Girl

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