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What Is An Interior Trend To Embrace?

Interior Trend definedTrends come, they go, they swirl about occasionally influenced by savvy marketers interested in swaying a consumer by dangling the carrot of trend.  But what exactly is an interior trend and how do you know whether or not to climb aboard?

The mitigating factor of something becoming a trend is one see’s it more than a few times.  It pops up around the country, around the globe, it becomes common place yet fresh.  In the 1920’s a refrigerator was a trend, now it is just a normal part of our kitchen. 

A trend is NOT something completely new. The word trend is a tricky concept. Mislabeling something a trend, can lead people to waste money. Repetition is a key component of a trend, one starts seeing it over and over.

Here are some current interior trends worth embracing. These trends are valid, proven and have staying power of more than three years.Current interior trends to embraceA trend has legs and staying power. Every year for the last five years someone labels bright colors a trend, they are, they aren’t new but we’ve become comfortable putting them in our homes and replacing the safety of the boring beiges.

While on the topic of color, those crazy color of the year claims are the worst trends to fall for, they don’t last. This is someone trying to create a false trend to drive sales. Sales let a company know they are onto a trend or a trend is on the way out, not the other way around. Desire does not equate to a trend. Fake Interior TrendsBeware of fake trends which seem to explode out of nowhere but are available everywhere. People  follow like sheep, do it because everyone else does not because it makes sense.  The TV over the fireplace is a perfect example of this. This was the hot way to show off a pricy TV one could hang on a wall. Up this high, it is uncomfortable and too much of a focal point. It is just silly.

Fake and false trends are worth avoiding. Fake can be difficult to spot because they are created via big business, lots of advertising dollars and editorials go into trying to MAKE you believe something is a trend.
Old Interior TrendsAren’t these fun to ponder? At one time these were the trends of the day.

Remember when granite countertops came about or microwaves?  Both of these are standard issue in today’s kitchen, no longer trends. However, the microwave is being replaced by the steam oven and granite is being slowly inched out by quartz.

Just the other day I was on a chat and about wanted to jump through my computer when some woman proclaimed “…outdoor living seems to be a major trend…”  Are you kidding me?  This makes sleeping in the bedroom a trend. Come on. Outdoor living isn’t a trend it is a way of life. Outdoor fireplaces, kitchens or bars are a trend but not outdoor living.

Trends last for decades, not moments, and then they are no longer trendy just a habit.  A true trend is organic. It just catches on, people get it, it makes sense, they can live with it and be comfortable with it. Wait to be convinced, if it is a good trend, you’ll likely warm up to it easily.


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