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What Would You Like In Your Kitchen and Bath?

There is something out there for everyone and a product for every kitchen and bath category.  Manufacturers are always dreaming up new items.  But are they on track or leading us?  Are there items you would really like to have?

Just for fun, or to put your dreams out there for the universe, if you could have anything (money-no-object) in your dream kitchen or bathroom what would it be? What are the items you dream about for your kitchen or bathroom?  What kitchen appliances make you swoon?  Here are some ideas to get you started:

Designer’s constantly give their opinion, but I would really love yours Us designers can easily get caught up in the latest thing at the trade show or local high-end showroom. But is you who matters.

I do cook, don’t have kids and prefer to clean my own house – so I have perhaps a different perspective than you.  This is why I’d love to know what matters to you in these two rooms?  Please feel free to answer in the comments section.  I can’t wait to see what you like.  Thank you!!! 🙂

Photos for pictorial collages: Sub-Zero/Wolf, AGA Ranges, Franke, Jason International, Duravit, Kohler and MyShowerGrateShop.com

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8 Responses to What Would You Like In Your Kitchen and Bath?

  1. Robin Grey

    Hi there! This is a topic I think a lot about and thought I’d go ahead and share, since you asked. ;0) I also cook, have two kids (a boy 11, and a girl 2), and have a lady come and clean once every other week.

    For the kitchen, I love:
    an under the counter ice-maker – we use ours WAY more than I thought we would
    a full, separate fridge, and freezer
    a faucet for filtered water
    a viking gas cooktop
    double wall ovens
    marble countertops – some sort of white, carrera, calcutta, etc.
    white cabinets
    open shelving in lieu of wall cabinets are my dream –
    a window at the sink
    a finished walk in pantry, with tons of food and equipment/dish storage
    a fireplace

    For the bath, I love:
    a huge tub that my kids can “swim” in
    a big tile shower with a nice showerhead
    I really like the look of that invisible drain above – never seen that before
    I love bridge faucets in both the kitchen and baths
    a place for furniture. I LOVE furniture in a bathroom, a chair, some sort of case good (bookshelf, chest, etc.)
    some sort of wall treatment, judges paneling, tile, etc.

  2. Robin these are fabulous. Thank you! Very interesting on the undercabinet ice maker and a separate fridge and freezer. Oh, I love a gas cooktop and even for 2 I’ve found more than 4 burners are useful. Thanks so much for sharing!!! ♥

    Decor Girl

  3. Jb @BuildingMoxie

    the one thing I want in both rooms is space enough for the option to lay any of these things out. with multiple sinks being high on the list for the kitchen and radiant floor being a must in a bath (I know space not an issue here) … since you mentioned cleaning I wonder how easy the inline drains are to clean. Having done a vessel now a few times — don’t think I would ever do a vessel in a master bath again. Oh and a kickin stereo system and integrated LED displays everywhere. cheers.

  4. Lisa M Smith

    Interesting on the vessels. Have not heard good things about glass ones. But haven’t had any complaints on those I’ve spec’d but good to hear.

    Stereo systems – iPod docking stations were a big find at KBIS last year. More from the European companies – but they tend to lead. The Australian guy indicated, “we all sing in the shower.”

    Thanks JB!

  5. ArneSalvesen

    This is kind of like asking me which child is my favourite (whichever one is costing me the least, in case you’re wondering). So many great options these days that any Top 10 list would quite literally change from week to week. However, at the moment:

    Kitchen: Walk-in cold storage (in lieu of that a 48″ Traulsen), meat curing room, 48″ Wolf Rangetop with a griddle (I grill outside) or the GE Monogram 48″ Pro-Style Rang (Hell, BOTH) and a B&O sound system. Actually, the sound system could go into what I really want which would be a secondary kitchen downstairs near where all my smokers are.

    Bathroom: Simple … large format (12 x 24) white porcelain tile on walls, floor & ceiling (non-slip on the floor of course) and all other surfaces would be Corian. There would be a shower with a water-wasting 24 body sprays, a hand held shower and a bench. One large drain in the middle of the room, and a hose coiled coyly on the wall for tri-weekly cleanings. The toilet would have it’s room with a 42″ wide screen TV.

  6. Lisa M Smith

    Oh Arne – I love it. 42″ in on view from the toilet! Is it glass walls (since you are hosing them down anyway) to view to TV from the shower too?

    Excellent ideas! Thank you.

  7. Jb @BuildingMoxie

    oh and I should have mentioned..give me some of that touch faucet action from Delta/Brizo!

  8. Lisa M Smith

    But of course! Turn on a faucet by hand? So yesterday. 🙂


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