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When In France… Visit The National Automobile Museum

You didn’t think we’d take a vacation and not have part of it involve some major automotive find did you?  Let me just say this, any of you car lovers who find yourself in France, hop a high speed (over 300 km per hour) train and make a beeline for Mulhouse.  Pronounced Muh-loos, not Mul-house.  Race cars from Mulhouse Museum The National Automobile Museum has to be one of the top car museums on the globe and the story behind it… intrigue, violence, fighting, all the good parts of a spectacular tale.  If you love cars, love and appreciate history do whatever you can to get your rear to France.

Cars from Mulhouse Museum Located in the skeletons of an old wool spinning mill with a pedigree back to the 1880’s, it is hard to relate to you the mass of over 400 antique, classic and rare vintage cars all one location.Cars from Mulhouse Museum - 025-impThe collection covers the beginning of automotive history from the coach building period, the mass production times, to full coverage of the evolution of the race car; all are on display.


Oldest Cars from MulhouseSome cars so old and unusual you’ve never even heard of.  Here we have the 1893 Benz, 1878 Jacquot, 1909 Mayers-Union, and 1904 Renault.  Amazing!


Unusual cars from Mulhouse-impEver heard of a Salmson automobile?  Not me. This 1928 model was a popular with those who drove endurance events.  Who knew? The 1948 Panhard-Levassor looks like a bubble or a spaceship.  Speaking of spacey, have you ever heard of a Arzens?

Of course you know the name Maserati, this Biplace 2000 Sport from 1930 was still on the roads of Mulhouse in the 60’s where the owner avoided a traffic ticket in exchange for a ride.

BUGATTIS LIKE YOU’VE NEVER SEENRare Bugattis from Mulhouse-impRACING HERITAGE Cars from Mulhouse Museum Cars from Mulhouse Museum - 130-impCars from Mulhouse Museum - 140-impCars from Mulhouse Museum - 153-impIf you remember a few months back we visited the Mullin Automotive Museum and I learned about the Schlumpf Collection from Merle and Peter Mullin.  Well, Mulhouse is where the story of the famous Schlumpf Collection began and ended which is the impetus for The National Automobile Museum.

Do what you must.  Put it in gear, shift your travel plans to include this outstanding museum in Mulhouse, France.


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  1. Of COURSE you went to the car museum!! You sure fit a lot into your days, looking forward to seeing more more more!

  2. Oh yes, and it was a whole day! 🙂

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