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Where to get Interior Design Inspiration

How many ways can one do a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom?  Aside from reviewing home design books flagged with hundreds of colorful sticky notes, I find creative inspiration from all over the country.  Thanks to digital cameras I take hundreds of pictures. Here are just a few things which move my creative hand.

Nature creates gorgeous color schemes.

Greens and charcol come alive with blue.

Opposites on the color wheel: purple and yellow

This peacock is wonderful because it contrasts with the taupe ground around it (becomes a focal point) and the tie is how the same taupe is also in the feathers.  What a great color key.  It is a study in how to combine percentages of color to achieve maximum impact.

This peeling bark of this tree is phenomenal in terms of color, texture and pattern.  I like the bold harsh lines of the palm paired with the softness of the tree, interesting.

Outside the box items are a favorite.  There is no such thing as “it can’t be done.”

Details from the past are a great infuser.  Classic reminders of scale and balance, embellishments from the past are a reminder of how much the details enhance an item.

On this 1934 Avion Voisin there are just so many design ideas to embrace.

So if you wonder where interior designers get their inspiration, we find it everywhere.  Being a colorist and painter, natural color schemes are my favorite. Where do you find inspiration?

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