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Who, Why and What.

DecorGirl designs, drives, cooks, creates, paints and loves the color blue.

DSC_0501-impHi, I’m Lisa – Interior designer, acrylic artist, obsessed with color, passionate about architecture, design, food, fashion and have a thing for cars.  As the owner of the  interior design firm Interior Design Factory, Ltd., we do more than pick pretty pictures from a catalog, we design cabinetry, furniturelighting and more.

You’ll see I am infatuated great food, travel, and vintage & exotic cars.  Learning on the racetrack is exhilarating and my driving shoes are blue.

Why blog?  Good design is for everyone though it requires a plan and exposure to information.  Keeping fresh and up on the latest in interiors and design is the hallmark of a good interior designer.

DecorGirl –  DecorGirl reflects my own opinion, thoughts and viewpoint.  It is written with the best intentions to inspire and unleash readers from everyday stumbling blocks.

Many of the photos I have taken personally otherwise credit is given.  If I make a mistake I apologize and please let me know.

Comments – Practice THINK: Contributions should be thoughtful, honest, intelligent, necessary and kind.  SPAM or self promotion os axed.   All comments are moderated and I am lethal with the trash button.

Advertising/Editorial Coverage – On rare occasions we accept sponsored posts and will disclose any instance where these take place. Please email us if interested. However, DecorGirl can not be bought, we only write about what we believe in and the product has got to be a good fit. Don’t email me how you love my site and its a perfect fit for something you are peddling, which you have not in fact read this blog and it is not a perfect fit.

We write about what we like and in many cases have personally tried and tested.  DecorGirl has been chosen for special Blog trips and tours where travel & accommodations have been paid for by sponsors.  Where posts are written as part of the trip or tour agreement, this is disclosed.

We do have ongoing relationships with companies who have been past sponsors. If we write future posts on their product because we believe in them, no money has changed hands unless noted as a sponsored post – this is more of an un-paid, un-official endorsement.

Sharing/Linking Back – Treat us like a friend.  Give and get.  If you find something on DecorGirl you wish to “borrow” we appreciate if you credit DecorGirl as your source and link back to DecorGirl.net on your blog, website or publication.  Written permission is not required if these rules are followed.  Permission is required for the use of images from DecorGirl as many are copyrighted.

* DécorGirl will never ever share, rent or sell email addresses to anyone for any reason or any amount of cash, not going to happen.

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