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Who, Why and What

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As an interior designer I’m known for happy and colorful interiors. My obsession with color is equal to my obsession with great cars. Actually I’m a car person first, even my husband calls me the car person of the family. A self-taught automotive photographer, I drive, I enjoy and I covet superbLisa in McLaren automobiles which usually are blue. Since I began baking cookies as an after school chore, I’ve never stopped creating in the kitchen. My mom taught me to follow directions, by making me eat my failed (burnt) Pistachio pudding – not paying attention I cooked instant pudding. The travel bug also came early on, probably why I can never sit still, there is always something to see and learn.

Why blog?

It began purely as a way to share my knowledge and beautiful things. Good design is for everyone whether it be interiors, cars, food or travel, design is everywhere.

DecorGirl Sponsors/Partners

This blog is purely my viewpoint, though always written to be relevant and impactful for our readers. Most of the products or companies featured are those I genuinely belive in and/or have used and tested which are appropriate for my site. We do work with select sponsors. Where a sponsor has gifted the product to DecorGirl for review this is noted as such. We have been selected for special Blog trips and tours where travel & accommodation has been paid for by sponsors and this is also noted. If you are interested in sponsorship, partnership opportunities, or social media take-overs during events let’s chat., email me at info@decorgirl.net

Speaking Engagements

Public speaking is my idea of fun. I thoroughly enjoy speaking in front of an audience on topics from decorating, how-tos, social media and have given many public and corporate talks on domestic violence. Interested in having me at your next conference, meeting, trade show or event, contact me at the email above.


Do you notice something missing? We don’t have any ads popping up halfway down the page or interrupting your visual enjoyment. I have never clicked on one and am more likely to leave a site which has them. (If you read my blog you’ll understand… I deplore clutter.)


Many of the photos I have taken personally, in other words, don’t steal my pics! Pictures from others are noted and credit is given if available. If I make a mistake I apologize, please let me know.

Sharing/Linking Back  

Treat us like a friend. If you find something her you wish to “borrow” we appreciate if you credit DecorGirl as your source and link back to DecorGirl.net on your blog, website or publication. Written permission is not required if you provide appropriate links. Permission is required for the use of images from DecorGirl as many are copyrighted.

DecorGirl will never ever share, rent or sell email addresses to anyone for any reason or any amount of cash, not going to happen.

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