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Why is Quartz Hot in Kitchen Countertops?

For years granite was all the rage in luxury countertops.  Chic, decadent and more upscale than laminate it entered the mass market, but it is not the best hard surface for countertops.  Wanna know what kitchen and bath designers have known for years?  Quartz as a countertop is way better than granite and equally as beautiful.   One of the distinguishing characteristics of granite is called activity.  Rather than a uniform surface, the slab can have variations in the color and mineral deposits.  This is equally appealing and disagreeable depending on personal preference.  It can be come problematic from a design perspective as seams will be obvious and the slab you fell in love with may not be the one you end up with.  The other issue with granite is what was interesting becomes lost once the counter and sink holes are cut as we see here.  Enter quartz countertops.  Besides the major benefits mentioned above & below, the uniformity renders it easier to work with for kitchen countertop design.

 The premier manufacturers of quartz countertops are Cambria, Silestone and DuPont Zodiaq.  All of their products offer the same benefits:

  1. Durable: heat & stain resistant and does not crack and chip like granite or marble
  2. Safe when it comes to air quality – GREENGUARD certified
  3. Limited Warranty for product defects
  4. Certified safe for food preparation – granite is not
  5. Low maintenance – inherently non-porous so no need for repeated sealing

 Inspirational kitchen countertop ideas: Via Cambria via Silestone via DuPont Zodiaq

Quartz countertops were everywhere at the Kitchen & Bath Show in Las Vegas, they aren’t a fad.  Some of the granites which were originally so popular are beginning to look dated.  Because quartz is so plentiful this is sure to be a countertop choice for years to come.  Not only is quartz hot in terms of looks and color choices, it is a superior countertop material choice.

Have you tried a quartz countertop yet?

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