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Wine Lovers And Foodies – Wanna Win A Wine Station?

The WineStation photo contest begins today! was in 2013 and is long over.  Sorry.  Start snapping and emailing those wine inspired photos if you are of age, in the United States and want the chicest must have kitchen/entertaining accessory on the planet: the Dacor Inc.,  Discovery WineStation®.

Win The Dacor WineStation at Decor GirlTheme: Wine Take a creative photo which characterizes wine.  It could be a photo of your favorite bottle of wine or where you might put your Discovery WineStation® should you win or whatever wine related cool photo you might come up with.  Be artsy, be fun, be creative.Dacor Wine Station photo via Dacor

Dacor Wine SaverPrize – Discovery Discovery WineStation® from Dacor, Inc.  

Um this is major in the prize category, an over $5,000 value.  Yes this is for real.  We pick the winner and Dacor Inc., is going to ship out the WineStation. 

Contest Open: September 25 through October 4, 2013

Have fun.

Photoshop is fine.

Creativity is rewarded.

Note: Please keep the pictures PG or they’ll be disqualified.

Gonna say it again, please READ THE RULES – we aren’t resizing pictures and one email per person/entry please!

YOU must own the photos you submit, do not submit photos which are not your own – yep, I check to see if they are else where on the net.

Wine photosWe have a tough five person panel of media, design, and photo professionals you need to impress with your photos.  Make them spectacular! 

  • Paul Anater @Paul_Anater
  • Shelley Holmes @ShelleyCHolmes
  • Stacy Garcia @Stacy_Garcia
  • Courtney Price @courtneymprice
  • Me @TheDecorGirl

How is this gonna work?  After you’ve read the rules, taken your photos and emailed your submission – one email with up to 5 photos, the panel will scrutinize, deliberate and share some of our top pics via Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook.   Over the 10 days the contest is open we will post the top contenders around the above media outlets.  The winner will be announced on October 7th.

So you send in your one email with photos and wait, if you want to loose.  If you want to win…

contest hashtagEXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY!!!  Since this is a social media contest, increase your chances of winning by being social with us.

Watch for our tweets with the #winestationcontest hashtag where we will be sharing submission photos we have the hots for.  Retweet on Twitter, like and share on Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook.  We will be watching!

You can get even more points for liking the Interior Design Factory / Decor Girl Facebook page.

Lights, camera, snap and email!  Good luck!!!

Be mindful of the contest rules and send in your most creative photos which relate to wine.


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14 Responses to Wine Lovers And Foodies – Wanna Win A Wine Station?

  1. Karen Strawser

    What a great idea!

  2. jb @BuildingMoxie

    cool little gizmo and a fun fun contest to match … and I gotta think there is a wino or two out there that want to take it home. ~jb

  3. Oh yeah, somebody definitely is gonna want this! Thrill the neighbors – who else is gonna have one? Could rock a sophisticated man cave too. Thank you JB!

  4. What a cool machine! I would love to win this! My husband and I have a regular wine and cheese night on Sat. Will definitely contribute to the contest!

  5. And to think I would be thrilled to get a small wine cooler ……

  6. Joe Repko

    This is so keel, I’d fill it with miscoto

  7. All it takes is a picture… 🙂 Good luck!

  8. What a fun and rewarding contest! Wine and cameras – this could get interesting. 🙂

  9. Denny

    “Wine Lovers And Foodies – Wanna Win A Wine Station?
    | Decor Girl” in fact makes me ponder a little bit extra.
    I treasured each and every individual part of
    this blog post. Thanks ,Denny

  10. Looks like a FAB contest !! Love it !!
    Lynne !

  11. Can’t wait to see your pics!

  12. Just send in a wine related pic and it could all be yours!

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