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3 Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make With Molding

homeowner mistakesDecorative molding is something every homeowner has to deal with. But are you doing it right, addressing it correctly or are you screwing up your home and wrecking its’ resale potential? Here are the 3 biggest mistakes homeowners make with molding.

Don't paint molding wrong colorPainting Molding The Wrong Color

This room is badly chopped up due to the overuse of paint colors. White molding can be too much when paired such a short wall in a saturated color, this is worse when the molding is huge and there is so much of it. Not only does it feel like the sky is falling with the over done (and completely wrong size for the space) fake wood beams in dark brown, but painting those window grates yet another color makes this room feel like a prison.

Molding does not need to be highlighted. People falsely assume molding should be painted a contrasting color.

Chair rails are usually wrongBad Placement

Molding should have an actual purpose, usually to finish a legitimate transition, not because the builder was too lazy to make a good drywall joint. The majority of chair rails in homes today do not belong there. Long long ago chair rails had a purpose, to protect the walls. Then someone decided it would be a great idea to use the chair rail as a means of splitting the walls in the room to allow different wall treatments and/or colors. It wasn’t and it isn’t a good look.

When you only have an eight or nine foot ceiling, a chair rail is too much and it cuts up the interior. Get rid of it! This looks horrible, dated, ridiculous, and basically ruins the physical comfort and appearance of the room.

Bad use of moldingIncorrect Size

This molding is too big for the room. The crown molding and door trim is far too large in scale for the room which results in a disjointed and in-your-face feel to what could be a lovely room. When the door casing is only inches from the crown molding, you know something is very wrong.

A comfortable room will make people feel grounded, so the bottom should feel heavier than the top, make sense?

Molding success guidelines:

  • Baseboard molding is almost always taller or larger than crown molding.
  • Not every home or room needs crown or baseboard molding.
  • Crown molding must be proportional to the height of the ceiling and overall scale of the room. Rooms with an 8ft ceiling can’t handle much more than four inches of crown molding.
  • ‘Just because’ is not a reason to use molding.
  • If the molding doesn’t serve a purpose, you don’t need it.
Paint walls and molding the same colorvia Pinterest

How do you fix these molding mistakes if they are already installed in your home? The expensive option is to remove it, however you can often paint it out to match the walls, which is calming, stylish and dramatic. Chair rails, unless architecturally accurate, are best removed.

via Craftberry Bush

A popular way to utilize molding in a creative way is by creating a lattice effect on an entire wall. Then paint it all, walls, any cabinetry and molding the same color so it enhances the room. You can do the same with existing molding too difficult to just rip out. This allows the gentle shadows and highlights produced by the way light hits the molding to become charming and interesting.

Molding should NEVER shout at you! Use molding to refine a space not define it.