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5 Mod Fixes For A Tired Living Room, No White Boots Required

If  wondering what to do with an older otherwise boring ranch home going mod is the cleanest way to update and revive a tired interior.  All it takes is a bit of paint and some simple furnishings and voila, whole new house! 1060's Mod FashionFirst a little background,  the concept of Mod came out of London in the late 1950’s and early 60’s first as a subculture relation mostly to music and fashion.  After this it became hip-speak for all things fresh, edgy and fashionable = modern.  It had a revival in both the 1970’s (London) and 1980’s (America).   We are seeing it again in interiors as people revive and remodel the ranch, case study, and split level homes of yesterday.

Mid century modern living room for todayMid century modern living room for today

Mid century modern living room for today

How To Mod-ernize The Tired Living Room With 5 Fixes

  1. Paint the fireplace
  2. Lots of white or light paint, get rid of all the heavy browns and paint out the woodwork & paneling
  3. Furniture which is sculptural in shape
  4. Simple colors with a limited color palette
  5. Basic geometric patterns

Let’s spend a moment on #1.  Painting the dingy old brick or stone fireplace is one of quickest ways to update an aging interior.  It doesn’t matter if it is faux or real, a great coat of primer and paint is a lot easier than tearing it out.  Yes, almost every husband gets that cockeyed look at first mention.  Show him the above pictures to pave the way.  It can be a tough one to stomach at first but, everyone who does it is stunned at how quickly this one simple fix transforms the entire room.

The combination of these five fixes leads to an easy interior.  There are tons of mod inspired furniture pieces available today in every price range but garage sales and vintage stores are great places to score a fabulous bargain.  The key to pulling off this update is not to think retro but clean and simple.

Photos:  1 Mod Fashion, 2 View Home Trends, 3 & 4 Mile Hi Modern,  and 5 by Karyn R. Millet via California Home Design