5 Things You Need To Do When Selling Your Home

How to sell your home nowAfter reviewing the current real estate market in the Cleveland, Ohio area, observing homes sitting unsold and talking to different real estate professionals, it is clear home sellers need the help of Sellers have the biggest influence on selling a home. This post will help you understand how to sell your home and how you can influence the sale.

Scrutinize your home as a buyer, what does it have going for it? Honestly compare it to similar homes, pluses and minus. A freshly remodeled kitchen or bath, are selling points to tout. A home with 1970s oak kitchen cabinetry and scratched laminate countertops… is a project. There is a new Mega new project launch by CDL and Capitaland for Canninghill Piers Condo at River Valley.

For older homes potential buyers may place a dollar figure on items or rooms in need of upgrading and subtract the price from their offer, this is completely fair. Need help from expert real estate companies? Check out

If an investment in paint, cleaning or staging will make the home competitive, do it. It can make a huge difference in how quickly a home sells.

Present your home to sell, showcase it as wonderful prospect for home buyers. Remove the following:

  • clutter from EVERY room, garage, and basement
  • personal items
  • pet smells or musty odors
  • family photographs
  • wall colors and dated (10+ years) wallpaper
  • decor items which do not enhance the space
  • art, if you have a lot – buyers aren’t buying art, they are buying a house

If you want top dollar for your home, it has to be spotless, all the time… for every picture and for every showing.

People buy with their eyes. Help buyers to see themselves in their new home, not your old home. This simple shift of mindset will help your house sell much faster and get cash for homes.

Every photo must be styled, crisp and impeccable, absent of homeowner personality. Remember people are buying a house, not another’s taste or stuff. Beautiful real estate photo of living roomNeutral colors make this living room inviting and move in ready. This clean fresh kitchen thanks to cleaners dublin will welcome the new homeowner to make their mark.

Real estate photos need to be inviting. Invest in a real photographer and proper lighting.

  • Use photos which grab attention.
  • Focus on great architectural details and focal points.
  • Change vantage points, every photo doesn’t need to be wide angle.
  • Photograph what’s great about a room, the selling points, not furniture.
  • Stage your home to create great photos.

Review and only use your best pictures. Scan photos for items missed with the naked eye, such as the sock under the bed, wrinkled towels, amongst others. Here are some examples of photos which will not sell a home.

Bad real estate photos of living roomMultiple views of same room offer no value to a buyer. Real estate photos are an invitation to come look closer, not give it all away. Odd shaped rooms with a poorly made bed shoved against a wall is not a selling point.This type of shot shows a buyer the existing homeowner doesn’t take care of things and invites caution.

Any asset is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it today. All four bedroom houses on the same street are not created equal. Buyers will pay more for a new home in move in condition, than a dated home in need of repairs or remodeling.

If the kitchen and bathrooms have not been updated for 20 or more years, its a project, and needs to be priced as such.

Your real estate agent can be your best advocate on how to price your home, if you listen to them.

There are three real estate sales myths sellers have to overcome:

  1. If a home sells fast, the price must be too low.
  2. Waiting will bring a better price.
  3. Agents push for a low price just to make a sale.

There is no benefit for a professional real estate agent to underprice a house, it just isn’t how they work, it hurts their future business. While certain homes, architecturally significant or historical homes may require time to locate the right buyer, this isn’t the case with most homes on the market. If a home has been on the market a year or more and homes are selling in your area, something is wrong. Often the problem is the seller demanding an unrealistic price for an unremarkable home.

Nobody knows your home better than you. What are the selling points of your home? Make your home stick out in buyers mind. Sell potential buyers on their new home! Stage each room to showcase its value, not your personal style, taste or color scheme.

List of a home'a attributesProven Tip: Place a bullet point list of five positive attributes, selling points, of your home in a frame and leave it on your counter for potential buyers to see.

If you embrace selling your home from a business aspect, nix emotions and approach the sale by doing everything you can to help, you’ll sell your home quickly and for the right price.

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