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5 Ways an Interior Designer Can Save You Money

Let’s take one thing off the table right now, FORGET what that Mary McDonald says on Million Dollar Decorators about “…I can spend five million dollars on an interior…”  Puh-lease. She can, but you do not have to.

Great interiors do not come from how much one spends.  They come from well thought out plans and doing it right the first time.

While Mary does great work, there are very few willing to spend millions on an interior nor does interior design does not have to be a luxury.  Back to reality, not reality TV…  Interior designers are more like a good doctor.  Can you live without one, sure but in the long run you’ll be happier you had one. Builders and contractors see nothing wrong with placing the electrical box for the dining room fixture in the center of the room.  Homeowners encounter a big problem when they have a buffet or sideboard.  “If I had a dollar for every time…”  However, a contractor does.  Each time there is a change order or you need to move a light fixture after the drywall and finish paint/wallpaper is done, cha-chingOr the door to the outside grill/patio area, looks great on paper but in  real life it is either too far from the kitchen or smack-dab where you were planning on putting furniture.  Contractors and builders think it is where it goes and while it is often the most obvious place to them, it really is not their fault.  Their mindset is not on your furniture or how you’ll use a space.  No big deal, just buy a new door, tear apart wall, add new molding and remove window (no refunds), cha-ching. Having an interior designer can help you from the beginning of your project to save you money, hassles and headaches.  Here is what a good interior designer can do:

  1. Floorplan a space with existing and intended furnishings.  (Necessary tool for lighting and outlet placement.)
  2. Use their experience to help you avoid pitfalls or mistakes.
  3. Understand your needs to guide you towards appropriate selections for your family and lifestyle.
  4. Can be your advocate to contractors and trades people.
  5. Advise you how to use your budget wisely – where to spend and where not to are areas people get into lots of trouble.

Interior designers are not a luxury item any more than a doctor.  You can find all sorts of medical info online and play doctor just like one can do with interior design.  Click here if you’d like 9 additional reasons to hire an interior designer.  Interior designers can help you focus your design efforts or do all the work for you.  Either way hiring an interior designer will usually save you more money than you spend.