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6 Easy Must-Do’s Before Showing A Home

These are the super simple items which can be done in a matter of minutes before anyone comes over to your home.  Clutter is one of the most common complaints from people looking at homes for sale.  “I couldn’t see past the clutter.”  Clutter are items which have no home.

Here are six quick-fixes every home staging person employs:

  1. Banish any piles of magazines or newspapers on the floor, counters or tables.
  2. Remove baskets full of stuff to be dealt with at a later date or piles on the stairs.
  3. Nothing but what is essential goes on kitchen & bathroom counters, same with coffee tables, desks and dressers.
  4. Dress dining room or kitchen table with placemats or a nice tablecloth or leave bare.
  5. Remove empty trash cans, food containers or dishes from sight.
  6. Get all the magnets and pictures off of the refrigerator.

Remove clutter.  Don’t move it but remove it.  Clutter screams “I don’t care about my home” and this sends the wrong message to a potential buyer or any visitor. Even the most expensive and beautifully designed interiors can be ignored if there is clutter present in the room.  Buyers see clutter first and form their opinion.

What would should be addressed in this room?