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Do You Realize How Awesome & Colorful Cement Tile Can Be?

cement-tileTile is one of those elements which can really make an interior sing, it is durable, timeless and visually pleasing. The right tile in the right location can enhance a home’s monetary value. People love tile, which is why we want to make sure you are aware of one of the most dynamic tile options on the market, cement tile.

1580cement-tile-living-areaCement? Tile? Don’t worry cement tile is neither gloomy or industrial looking. Cement tile is full of color, glorious patterns and has a depth ordinary porcelain or ceramic tile can’t touch. Cement tile is handmade from cement, marble dust and colored pigments, it is not fired. Typical sizes are 8″x 8″ x 5/8″, thicker than your normal tile but this is what makes them extremely durable. Border tiles in smaller dimensions are also available.

cement-tile-is-square-on-all-sidesOne important difference is a cement tile is straight sided, no angle or chamfer on the edge. This allows for the benefit of having tiny grout lines, which make for a prettier installation. Grout lines can be a big negative especially as the thicker they are, the more they detract from the overall design and create physical pools for dirt and grime.

cuban-cement-tile-makes-grand-entrancecuban-cement-tile-with-wood pic1Aside from the visual beauty inherent in being a natural handmade product, this also permits the option for customization in color and pattern. Use it on the walls or floor, the options are endless to create a truly unique element to your home.

Cement tile has the chameleon-like quality of working in both a traditional or modern interior and convincing you nothing else would have looked better.

Our friends at Avente Tile in Los Angeles created this great post the the 7 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy. As one of the premier suppliers of cement tile in the USA, their website is informative and helpful. Their personalized service and attention to detail is delightful.

In a word cement tile is one thing every other tile option isn’t, gracious.