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Easy Home Décor Changes For Fall

As the leaves turn and the hustle of fall activities welcome us to a new season, it can feel unsettling to walk into the same old decor from spring and summer.

Follow what is happening out doors.  Switch what makes sense.  Use the seasonal change as an excuse to swap your dishes and glassware, bedding, even your artwork for items which make you feel more like fall.   Put the seashells away, the beachy candles, summer pictures, and any other items which reflect the previous season.  Pull out the deep purple or red velvets which feel overbearing in the lighter seasons.

Think light to dark or soft to heavy. Think fall.  Think cozy textures, deeper colors, and rich layers.

Easy Fall Decor Changes

  • Decorative pillows in sumptuous fabrics and deeper colors.
  • Decorative candles– light colors exchanged for dark.  Change thescents too.

    Summer and Fall Candles
  • Lamps – these can be switched complete or sometimes just a change in the lampshade.
  • Rugs – exchange sisal or seagrass area rugs for thicker wools in appropriate colors and patterns.
  • Slipcovers – heavier luxurious textured fabrics in saturated colors.
  • Draperies – light summer sheers can be replaced or enhanced with heavier draperies in thicker fabrics with beautiful trims.
  • Family photos and tabletop books – change summer (beach) versions for fall and winter ones.
  • Add wool throws to sofas and chairs to encourage coziness.
  • Switch your tabletop décor items: placemats, tablecloths, runner, napkins, candlesticks, and centerpiece.

We instinctively swap mums for petunias in the garden as the days become shorter and the temperatures cooler.  Home decor works the same way.   Home interiors require seasonal rotation of home accessories and certain decor items.  (This can be an “amen” moment for those who have loads of “stuff” they desire to display by forcing one to categorize and then display ONLY what works with the season.)

Fall and winter give us shorter days with less natural light – visually our world is darker.  Cooler temperatures and naked trees make us feel cold and often invite the need for substantial draperies and heavier fabrics.  Thick textures become our tactile version of comfort food.  Home interiors should instinctively respect the change of seasons just as in the garden, our closet or kitchen.  This is the secret to making a home interior comfortable and welcoming to all who enter.  It is called balance.