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Five Splurge-Worthy Items For The Kitchen & Bath

Spend-worthy items for Kitchen and BathIf you’ve ever experienced sticker shock after a visit to the appliance, cabinet, plumbing or tile store and left with the feeling as though your design dreams had just been smashed into itty-bitty peces, this is for you.  Getting the most for your dollar without giving up style or needs is an achievable goal.  To help you get the most for your money we are going to list our five best splurge-worthy items for the kitchen or bathroom.  (We’ll cover the best splurge-worthy items for other rooms in a future blog post.)

DECORATIVE TILE  Decorative tile for kitchen and bathroomsvia Pinterest tile boards

Don’t let the price tag of an incredible beautiful tile lead you off course.  Tile is one of those wonderful items where it is often easy to use very little of what seems like an expensive tile and achieve a major wow.   Or when a wall or floor calls for field tile, the opposite is true – you can get a lot of durability and style out of inexpensive tiles.

TIP: You can often cut mosaics into 3 or 4 foot long strips and insert them into the overall design for a backsplash or floor in such a way where they are a tiny fraction of cost.   Mosaics are a great sneaky splurge.

KITCHEN FAUCET Blanco Culina faucet and Attika sinkEven if you are the king or queen of take-out a great kitchen faucet is always worth the splurge.  You’ll likely use it every day and when a kitchen faucet leaks, drips or (I’ll just say it) has a weak stream, nobody is happy.   Faucet is from Blanco.

APPLIANCES Miele flush mounted appliancesIf you enjoy cooking, research, scrimp and save to get the absolute best kitchen appliances you can buy, and appropriate ventilation to allow you to be the gourmet chef of your dreams.  This splurge makes a difference, and you’ll enjoy them for years or kick yourself if you go for less.  Spurge-worthy kitchen appliances last and have a positive impact on resale .  Appliances shown are Miele.


Storage hardware from Clever Storage Nobody likes to open a messy cupboard or drawer.  Open your cabinets to a display of everything you reed right at your fingertips.  Splurge on storage hardware lets you utilize your cabinetry in the most efficient manner.  Clever Storage is the premier go to for cabinet storage hardware.


Hire the best overall contractor, tile contractor, plumber, electrician and any type of installer you can.  Hiring the cheapest contractor = corners will get cut that shouldn’t.  When people select the least expensive contractor or “friend of a friend” they often spend more in the long run had they employed the top guy in the first place.  Technically this shouldn’t be a splurge but a smart use of your money.

There are so many components which go into each and every room in a home it is hard to decide where to spend our valuable dollars.  Kitchen and bathrooms inherently demand more dollars than most other rooms in the home which is why knowing where to splurge will help keep your budget in check and help fulfill your design dreams.


Disclaimer: Blanco, Miele and Clever Storage have sponsored my trips with BlogTour Cologne and BlogTour Milan however the content of this post is my own opinion and not a post requested by a sponsor.