Frank Lloyd Wright Seen in Hawaii

One never knows what they will discover in the most unlikely location.  While mindlessly peering up a hillside in Maui, there was no mistaking the distinctive shape and terracotta color of one of the least likely architectural structures one would expect to find in Hawaii, a Frank Lloyd Wright building.First designed for a client in 1949, unbuilt and later redesigned for new clients Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller in 1957, but shelved again.  Most Frank Lloyd Wright followers know there is a treasure trove his of unbuilt designs.   In 1988 the owners of this piece of property in Maui visited his studio/museum Taliesin West in Scottsdale, AZ and combed through the archives for a design to fit their needs for a Clubhouse on their golf course.  Now called the King Kamehameha Golf Club and completed in 1993, here is what they created.

The people at the King Kamehameha Golf Club could not have been nicer, they very kindly let us in with camera.  When he used stained glass, it never looks dated or forced.

Hey, they were laying out – of course I took a picture.My favorite picture as it shows the bay leading to south Maui (Wailea) at the foot of the volcano Haleakala.

Great architecture and design is all in the details.  Details govern both visual beauty and livability of a space.  Great design is timeless as this 1993 structure shows.  When walking around the building it is as if Mr. Wright supervised every detail himself.  The spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright is alive and well and living in Maui, not bad.